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Water Quality Centre

Window to a room full of equipment with the words 'Water Quality Centre' engraved on it.

Water Quality Centre

Dr. Shaun Watmough

Professor & Director, School of the Environment

Dr. Watmough joined Trent University in 2004, but has been associated with the Water Quality Centre since its inception through his postdoctoral studies associated with Dr. Peter Dillon.

Dr. Watmough's research focuses on the biogeochemical cycling in forested catchments with particular emphasis on soil acidification, nitrogen saturation, trace metals and climate change. He has developed novel methods for the analysis of plant material and used stable isotope tracer techniques to further our understanding of trace metal cycling in the environment. He has been involved in extensive biogeochemical studies that have documented the continued acidification of forest soils in central Ontario and used this information to develop and apply critical load maps for acidification in Ontario. His current studies focus on trace metal cycling in forested watersheds and ecosystem acidification and eutrophication, particularly in Ontario and the Oil Sands Region in Alberta.

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Dr. Watmough's Research Group

  • Carolyn Reid - Ph.D. candidate/Lab Technician
  • Patrick Levasseur – Ph.D. candidate