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Water Quality Centre

Window to a room full of equipment with the words 'Water Quality Centre' engraved on it.

Water Quality Centre

Dr. Peter J. Dillon

Professor Emeritus, School of the Environment and Chemistry

Dr. Peter Dillon specializes in biogeochemistry of lakes and their catchments. He was the scientific leader of the environmental research and long-term investigations carried out at the Dorset Research Centre in central Ontario for 25 years, and still maintains a close association with that centre.

Much of his current research focuses on the cycling of elements including sulphur, carbon, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus in catchments and in lakes, on the processes that control their fluxes, and on the transformations of chemical species that occur during the movement of these elements through ecosystems. Many of these projects employ stable isotope analysis as a tool for evaluating processes. He also studies trace metal biogeochemistry, often using isotope analysis for elements such as Pb and Hg. Of particular interest has been the role of global and regional-scale stressors including acid deposition and climate on the cycling and transformations of elements on a catchment scale. He is a member of the Royal Society and the Order of Canada and winner of the Miroslaw Romanowski Medal for environmental science.

┬╗Selected Publications

Dr. Dillon's Research Group

  • Deb Garreau- M.Sc. candidate