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Student Wellness Centre

Pair of chairs in a counselling room

Student Wellness Centre


Q. How can I make an appointment?
A. Starting September 2018, students access counselling by walk-in. This means you can come to counselling and be seen the same day. In some circumstances, there may be a wait or walk-in might be full for the morning or afternoon. We will work with you to access services as soon as possible. 

Q. How long do I have to wait for an appointment?
A. With the new walk-in model, you no longer have to wait 2-3 weeks for an appointment. You will have access to an appointment the day you walk in. Time between appointments varies by individual need. 

Q. Do you have same day appointments for urgent matters?
A. Yes, phone or come to counselling and advise of the urgency. Emergencies will be directed to the hospital or to call 911. Academic issues are not considered to be a personal crisis that would merit an urgent appointment.

Q. Is there any charge for services?
A. No, all services are provided free of charge to current and active students although we do have a $25 fee for missed appointments.

Q. Is the service confidential?
A. Yes, we are governed by the Personal Health Information Privacy Act. Information shared in counselling, including the fact that you have attended, is confidential. No information will be released to University officials, faculty members, parents or outside agencies without your written consent. However, there are situations when counsellors have an obligation to report information i.e. immediate danger to self or others, complying with a subpoena, or children in need of protection.

Q. How often can I see my therapist?
A. The frequency of appointments varies depending on student need and preference. 

Q. Do I need a referral to see the Psychiatrist?
A. Yes, a referral is needed from a doctor, one of our therapists or Student Accessibility Services.

Q. Can I get a note for a professor (ie: academic leniency or an appeal)?
A. Perhaps, however the student must already be a client of Counselling and individual circumstances will be assessed. 

Q. What if I am worried about a friend or family member?
A. Often it is helpful to share worries and we encourage you to come to walk-in to meet with a therapist who will listen and offer advice on how to deal with your concerns.

Q.  I attend Trent University Oshawa.  Can I see a counsellor there?
A.  Yes, the office is located in Room 101 at that campus and appointments can be made by phoning 905-435-5100.

Q.  Why do students seek counselling?

A. Students seek counselling for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to: abuse, addiction, adjustment to university life or life in Canada, anger, assertiveness, depression, grief, relationship issues, self-esteem, gender or sexual identity, sleep difficulties, stress and weight preoccupation.


Other useful information:

The Trent University Counselling Services provides personal counselling services to full and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. Counselling Services acknowledges and celebrates the strengths and fragility of the human spirit. We are committed to providing services which respect the dignity and value of all people inclusive of age, gender, ethnicity, physical qualities, sexual identity and ability.