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TrentU Card

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TrentU Card

Benefits of Using the TrentU Card

The TrentU Card has many benefits for cardholders. 

1. Security

The TrentU Card is secure. The card contains your name, student number and a colour photo of you. This card does not store value.  If your card is lost or stolen, you can deactivate your card immediately to protect your funds. Unlike a credit card, the TrentU Card has a photo, which allows merchants to quickly confirm whether the bearer is the cardholder before allowing it to be used for a transaction.

2. Convenience

You can add funds online.  These funds are available immediately.  You can pay for services that previously required cash. 

3. Savings

The TrentU Card has no monthly fees. Dining Plans and Trent Cash automatically carry forward from one academic year to the next.  These funds remain available for up to two years after graduation or after you leave the University.  Once you deactivate a lost or stolen TrentU Card, the funds are protected and remain on your card.

4. Accessibility

You can manage your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

5. Peace of Mind

If your TrentU Card is lost or stolen, your funds aren't necessarily gone for good. You simply need to deactivate your card in order to protect your funds. See lost or stolen cards.

6. Deposit Only Access

Individuals (not the cardholder) who wish to deposit money to a Trent Cash Account can do so easily by logging in to deposit page.  The individual wanting to make a deposit to a cardholder account, simply needs to know the Student Number and last name of the cardholder.  Transaction history and account balances can not be accessed.