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Emily McClung '00 has begun her Trent career at Traill College, to the proud delight of parents Wendy Baxter McClung '72 and David McClung '69.


Karen Carter-Edwards '71 was the recipient of Carleton University's annual High School Teaching award for 2000. This prestigious award is given in recognition of outstanding teaching and dedication in providing the influence and inspiration to her students to excel in their academic pursuits. Honours graduating students may nominate a high school teacher who helped them achieve their academic goals. To do so, the students submit their essay to a review committee. Karen was selected from all the submissions and received her award at the convocation ceremony held in August 2000. An Honours History major from Trent, Karen is currently Department head at St. Joseph's Secondary School in Cornwall. She credits her enthusiasm for history and teaching to the dedicated teachers she had as a student at Trent. Karen published two books on local history and was featured in the television series Sketches of Our Town. Congratulations Karen!


On August 30 last year Anneliese Anthony-Marques '72 participated in the Trans Canada Trail Relay 2000 as it came through the Peterborough area on its way to the nations capital. The Trans Canada Trail covers over 16,000 kilometers across Canada. Much of the route is represented by former railroad lines and the rails to trails project is an ongoing venture in most provinces. The relay began in February 2000 at Tuktoyaktuk, NWT and ended in Hull on September 9 when all three vessels of water from the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans were mixed during a closing ceremony. The assigned section of the trail, approximately 12 km, ran from #30 east to #34 and down into Lang Century Village. As an official water carrier, Anneliese rode with two bottles of water one from the Arctic and one from the Pacific. These vessels were previously transported by Faye Davis on bicycle and by Trent University's Peter Adams on Shanks mare. Zoe, the Arabian mare Anneliese rode, is in many respects, a typical first-generation Canadian. She was born in Montebello, Quebec from a dam imported from Egypt and had a German sire. The ride was an honor for Anneliese to undertake and the connection to our country's history gave her a feeling of national pride that is hard to beat!


Mike and Wendy (Clifford) Mullin '82, along with their children, Matthew (05/90), Mallory (09/92) and Hannah (03/99) are happy to share the good news! Amy Michaela Marion was born at Sarnia General Hospital January 18, 2001. Mike is still a lab technologist, but now commutes to work in the States. Wendy continues to homeschool Matt and Mallory.


Shawn '84 and Karina Heard are pleased to announce the birth of Trent Alwyn Robert Heard on February 9th, 2001 in Elliot Lake, Ontario. Trent is a brother for Forrest and Marcus. We're on e-mail at sheard@adss.on.ca.


Another child to add to the growing number of babies names after our treasured university! Jan Bellinger '86 and her husband Kevin Birmingham were thrilled to welcome baby Trent to the world on August 13, 2000. He lives up to his name - living beside a river (the Ottawa) and loving the water already! Jan is currently taking the year off from her ESL teaching position with Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board. She would live to hear from her old Champlain buddies and can be reached at kevjan@magma.ca.


Colleen Ludlow '89 and Brian Purcell '87 are thrilled to announce the arrival of their 4th child. Robert Gideon James Purcell arrived April 25, 2000 tipping the scales at 10lbs 7oz. Big sisters Ali (January 1996) and Jessie (February 1998) are in love with their brother and are busy teaching him how to be tough. Everyone is watched over from above by Johanna (April 1997).

Sheri (Stanton) '87 and Ken Stashick welcomed Mackenzie Katherine to their family on January 7th, 2001. She is a little sister for Megan, age 7 and Brendan, age 5. Sheri is on maternity leave from teaching Grade 6 with the Ottawa Carleton Catholic School Board. The Stashicks can be reached at s.stashick@arnprior.com.


John Nicholas '88 and his wife Kristel are thrilled with their daughter, Jazlin, born May 6th, 2000.


Geoff '90 and Tanya (Baril) '90 Noyes welcomed their third child; Gavin Daniel to their family on May 19th, 2000. Gavin (seen here at 5 months) weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces and measured 21" in length. He is adored by his older sister Blake (4) and brother Brayden (2). Tanya enjoys being a stay at home mom in their home in Maitland, Ontario.


Erika Alana Sage '93 and Byron Marc Sage '91 were married on June 24, 2000 at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Etobicoke, Ontario. Family and friends attended the wedding. Monsignor Kenneth Robataille performed the beautiful service and the members of the churches senior choir sang the mass. Marc and Erika would love to get back in touch with all their friends at Trent. Please email them at spooky_sage@hotmail.com. Wedding pictures can be seen at: http://communities.msn.ca/SagePeople/home.htm.

Jennifer Henry '91 is thrilled to announce the birth of her first daughter, Keara, on September 17, 2000. Keara's mom and dad, Glen Ferguson, will be married in October 2001 in Sydney Australia.

Suresh Narine '91 and Rekha Narine '95 are pleased to announce the arrival of triplets: Vandana Phul Shari (Girl), Rudra Bowd Ramkaran (Boy) and Geetanjali Dhulari Lily (Girl)! All the babies are healthy and getting fat! They were born on the 14th of September 2000, and, they have all moved to Alberta! Suresh was recruited by the University for a Faculty position - an endowed Chair in Rheology. It came with significant funding for research, and is at the Associate Professor level. The Alberta government set aside a certain amount of money for the recruitment of four world class scientists in the Food Science area, and Suresh got one of these positions. After a 7-month blitz in the U.S., they are glad to be back in Canada!

Andrew Tagak '91 got married December 2, 2000. The wedding took place in Walpole Island First Nation. Pictured here with Andrew are fellow Trent Alum and Current Trent students: (from left to right) Andrew McDonald 1st year student from Iqaluit; David King from Walkerton, an Alumnus with a BA, MA at Trent and currently in the Phd programme in Concordia; Andrew Tagak himself, also from Iqaluit with a BA honors from Trent; and Dan Shule, the best man from Garden River Ojibwa Nation with a BA Honors at Trent and currently in the Native Studies and Canadian Studies Masters Program.


Kirsten Exall '92 and Greg Girard '93 were married on September 30th 2000 at the Isaiah Tubbs Resort in Picton. Shannon (Gallagher) Reynolds '92 was best Woman and among the guests were Kim Smith '92 and Rick Howson '92. Kirsten is in the final stages of her Ph.D. in Chemistry at Queens and Greg has recently accepted the position of Clinical Test Developer with Cedra Software Corporation. The Cedra Software Corporation supplies computer programming for medical equipment such as Ultrasound, Catscan and M.R.I. as well as for surgical navigation procedures and nuclear medicine. The couple will be relocating to Mississauga Ontario.


Danielle Meuleman '93 and Denis Dalton '93 were married on May 29th, 1999 in Toronto. Danielle and Denis are also proud to announce that Canaan Meuleman Dalton was born October 5, 2000.

Danielle is on a one-year leave of absence from Osgoode Hall Law School but will return to finish an LL.B and hopes to practice environmental law. Denis is heading up the Sales Division of Dalton Chemical Labs, Inc. The company does contract chemical word, synthesises fine chemical and intermediates. In short, all are happy... Friends can reach Danielle and Denis at danden@sympatico.ca.

After having met in the ever so romantic halls of LEC, Dell Drummond '93 and Sara Purdon '94 were married at Sara's parents' farm surrounded by family and friends on the only rainy day in September 2000.

Dell was attended by his brother Doug and Sara by her sister, Heather Purdon '97. The happy couple spent their honeymoon in Timmins, Ontario where it didn't rain - it snowed! Dell and Sara are living in Ottawa where Sara works in the marketing communications department for a large software company. Dell completed an MSc in Applied Mathematics at Guelph and is a senior programmer at a semiconductor company.

Randy Miller '93 and Heather Hamilton Miller '93 are proud to announce the birth of their son Scott Hamilton Miller born in Stratford, Ontario on Monday, February 19th, 2001.

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