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Honorary Degree for James Orbinski '80

For those of you who have not met or may not be familiar with James Orbinski and his accomplishments, a quick and by no means exhaustive thumbnail sketch of his life to date is worth reviewing.

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It's not just books anymore: The New Information Commons

From the moment the doors of Bata Library open each morning until they close each night, the library's new Informations Commons is a buzz of activity.


Helping students deal with stress

Five years ago if you went to see a counselor at Trent you would see the same individual whether you were seeking information on admissions to a masters program or if you were suffering from depression. Today it's different.


Studying students

Dr. James D.A. Parker is taking advantage of Trent's size and unique close atmosphere to embark on a student-focused goal: to identify factors that predict the kinds of students who ar at risk of dropping out.


Bronze medal for Trent's virtual tour

Trent University's award winning Web site can add another medal to its collection for its new virtual tour.


Women's Rugby Tour

Members of the Trent Women's Rugby Team returned from a rewarding trip to Ireland on February 25, 2001.


Jim Jury Peace Medallion

Dr. Jim Jury was presented with the YMCA Peace Medallion at an event hosted by the Family YMCA of Peterborough on January 23rd.


Career Fair

One of the most intense and challenging struggles that a university student faces is finding a job in the fierce and competitive professional world.


Tim Holland '97 - Working for Change

Tim Holland '97 is currently finishing his fourth year at Trent majoring in Political Studies. He lived in Ottawa before moving to Kingston at the age of ten.


Alumni Geography Panel 2000

The annual Alumni Panel held during Professor Alan Brunger's GO411a class in late November, 2000 was comprised of John Alderdice '94, Graham Good '89, ...