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Trent Lands Plan

Aerial view of the Trent University property in the summer sun

Trent Lands Plan


Trent University has received a number of questions about the current projects underway on Trent lands. The following information will provide some insight into these projects and plans in the coming months. 

Parks Canada Update - August 2018

Community Update on rehabilitation of earth dams along the Trent-Severn Waterway

Fall 2018 Update

Trent University is embarking upon an update to the Trent Lands Plan, the campus master plan that guides stewardship of the nature areas, and appropriate uses for the endowment lands. This plan will be developed through a robust and transparent public engagement process. The planning will be conducted in two phases:

  • Phase 1 (September 2018- September 2019): taking an integrated ecosystem perspective, update the 2002 Trent Nature Areas Stewardship Plan and conduct environmental and archaeological studies on select endowment land parcels. This work will include identifying areas of natural significance on the campus including the location, type and status of wetlands and woodlands (as defined by provincial policy), related natural heritage features, as well as areas or items of archaeological or cultural significance.
  • Phase 2 (October 2019 – April 2020): guided by the results from phase 1, consider possible land uses, and parameters for such uses, to attain the broad goals of the Trent Lands Plan by providing guidance for stewardship of the Nature Areas and advancing thoughtful development of select parcels. Recommend what form, character and location might be appropriate for development with respect to identified environmental constraints and potential impacts on the surrounding lands and ecosystems.

To support the campus, indigenous community, and public engagement process, we intend to implement an extensive communication plan to advertise opportunities to participate in the planning, and to share feedback on how input influenced the final recommendations. The Trent Lands Plan website (trentu.ca/trentlandsplan), and social media (Twitter @trentlandsplan and Facebook page), as well as advertising and posters will be utilized. We will seek to involve faculty and students throughout the data collection and analysis process where feasible to promote engagement with the plan and maximize hands-on learning opportunities.

The Trent Lands Plan will guide the Board of Governors in their stewardship responsibility for nature areas, in leading thoughtful and appropriate development on endowment lands; and achieving the appropriate balance between these goals. The Plan will also assist the Facilities and Grounds Advisory Committee and Nature Areas Stewardship Advisory Committee in their advisory role for the nature areas; as well as support the University administration in their management of campus assets.

Further information will be posted in this location as available.

Questions can be directed to Alison Scholl, Manager Community Engagement and University Events (alisonscholl@trentu.ca), or Julie Davis, Vice-President, External Relations & Advancement (juliedavis@trentu.ca)


Parks Canada Canal Work on Trent Severn Waterway 

Aerial photo of Trent showing research park and community arena locations

February 13, 2018 Update 

In December, Parks Canada initiated a project that involves clearing brush and trees on land owned by Parks Canada at the Nassau Mills Road bridge that crosses over the canal. This work is being completed as part of a major Trent Severn Waterway project taking place at a number of locations along the canal corridor to improve the canal and institute new flood gates and flood mitigation that will reduce the risk of flooding. A statement on this work from Trent Severn Waterway is available here.

Parks Canada will continue its work through the winter months, and into the spring. The construction phase will wrap up in 2018 and all work will be completed by spring/summer 2019. The work will take place on Parks Canada land, though some staging areas for the work will be on adjacent Trent land. A re-naturalization plan is part of a regrow. The First Peoples House of Learning is aware of this work and has ensured that proper ceremony has taken place.  The cut wood is being chipped and largely kept on site to ensure that the biomass remains. In some cases, it will also be used for fish and turtle habitat during the site remediation process. Facilities has also offered to provide any unused wood for use at the tipi. 

Map of planned Trent Severn projects

Photo: Courtesy of Parks Canada / Trent Severn Waterway

Current construction site

Photo: Current site as of February 13, 2018

March 7, 2018 Update

Phase 1: January 2018 - April 2018

  • Dredging the canal in order to create the depth required to install the concrete structures that will support the installation of the new guard gate.
  • A cofferdam on the west bank of the canal (which will hold back any water while the concrete structures are formed and poured) will be required. Drilling for the cofferdam commenced February 23, 2018.

Phase 2: April 2018 - November 2018

  • Once the cofferdam is in place the west bank construction of the concrete structure will commence.
  • Installation of a permanent bypass to allow water to flow around the guard gate when it is in the closed position during non-navigable seasons.
  • Start watermain works in order to install the missing link of the east bank watermain.
  • Complete earth dams, on either side of the canal, that will work in conjunction with the guard gates in the event of a future flood event.

Phase 3: November 2018 - March 2019

  • East bank concrete structure will be built during the 2018-2019 non-navigable season.


The Trent Approach to Development

While developing Cleantech Commons and working with the City on the arena project, the University will meet all environmental requirements for development. It is committed to an approach to development that maintains 60% of its lands as nature areas, buffers and wildlife corridors. The University has been engaged in 20 years of planning, has consulted widely, and has followed due process, appropriate studies and mitigating environmental strategies that often exceed provincial requirements. To ensure we are considering all angles of these complex issues and effectively engaging the Trent community, the University plans to continue planning in a way that reflects its dedication to the environment. 

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