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Trent Lands Plan

Trent students enjoying nature area

Trent Lands Plan

Response to Trent Arthur Article

Re. Trent Arthur  November 20, 2017 article “Trent Prioritizes Sports over Consultation”:

The 1450 acres upon which Trent is situated are important not just for their environmental importance, but also for their potential to enhance the economic sustainability of the University, student research, experiential learning, and employment. It was through extensive public and on-campus consultations that the Trent Endowment Lands Master Plan was created in 2006 and updated in 2013.

As a result of this plan, the University set aside 60% of the land as nature areas, buffers and wildlife corridors. The plan then identified and prioritized the remaining parcels for the experimental farm, development, and other potential uses. A primary goal of the 2013 update was to identify a location for the relocation of the City’s Northcrest Arena, the servicing for which would also allow Trent to advance its plans for its Research Park focused on environmental and cleantech companies. The current arena site was chosen because of its accessibility and because the site was already used daily by both Trent and the Ministry of Natural Resources. In 2015 Trent publicly signed an agreement with the City to transfer 25 acres for a new community arena complex.

Since that time the City has conducted the required environmental studies; and has, with the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority (ORCA), developed and adapted its plans to address identified environmental concerns. ORCA is an independent agency that has operated for 50 years specializing in watershed management; it is their expert advice upon which we are relying as we develop the Research Park and the City builds the Arena. The University has confidence in these processes and is excited about the ways in which this development will add to the quality of life in Peterborough and at Trent.

The University has demonstrated its commitment to open communication about the Trent Lands Plan developments. Public consultation and information sessions for the 2013 plan and subsequent annual update have been advertised in the Arthur as well as local newspapers, social media, and our website. The Trent Lands and Research Park master plans, presentations from the public sessions, and much more are available at www.trentu.ca/trentlandsplan. We will be reviewing the Trent Lands Plan in the coming year and will again place a strong focus on proactive public engagement and information sharing. We welcome your input and questions along the way as we balance exciting opportunities with the important environmental and other considerations.


Julie Davis
Vice President External Relations & Advancement 
Trent University