2006 Endowment Lands Master Plan

Part 1 - Background and Context

Part One of this document, Background and Context, outlines the scope of the Endowment Lands within the context of Trent University’s other land holdings; highlights relevant planning trends that have been taken into account when evaluating the development potential of the Endowment Lands; recaptures the planning process and consultation undertaken to shape the key recommendations within the Master Plan; and identifies Opportunities and Constraints that ought to be considered.  

Part 2 - The Guiding Framework

Part Two of this document, The Guiding Framework, includes a Vision statement to articulate the broad long-term objectives, the Guiding Principles that have been used to shape key decisions; the Structure Plan, which includes a series of broad organizing elements and provides a framework for the future build-out of the Endowment Lands in the context of all of Trent’s land holdings; specific Character Areas, which outline the unique aspects of each area that is to be reinforced; and Demonstration Concepts.

Part 3 - The Parcel Plan

Part Three of this document, The Parcel Plans, includes a break down of the Structure Plan by parcel; the weighting of each parcel according to specific criteria; area calculation tables; and Parcel Sheets, which are summaries of each development parcel including a key plan, site description, area calculations, potential uses, and recommendations for site-specific development guidelines.