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Theory, Culture & Politics M.A.

A professor working with two students at a table

Theory, Culture & Politics M.A.

Faculty & Research

Michael Epp

Director, PhD Cultural Studies
​Director, M.A. Theory, Culture and Politics
​Associate Professor, English Literature and Cultural Studies
B.A. (Saskatchewan), M.A. (McGill), Ph.D. (Alberta)

Traill College, Wallis Hall 122, ext. 6093, michaelepp@trentu.ca

Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-century American literature and culture; public and political violence; print culture and book history; Irish Republicanism

Feyzi Baban

Associate Professor, Political Studies & International Development Studies
M.A. (Bogazici) PhD (Carleton)

Champlain College G1 ext 6236, fbaban@trentu.ca

Research Interests: impact of cosmopolitan theory on normative theories of international relations, the politics of citizenship in late modern societies, and alternative forms of modernity in non-Western cultures.

​​Jonathan Bordo

Professor, Cultural Studies and Cultural Studies Doctoral Program
MA (McGill and Alberta), MA, M.Phil, PhD (Yale)

Traill College, Scott House 208, ext 6019, jbordo@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Cultural history and theory grounded in the philosophical, scientific, religious and aesthetic culture of early modernity (1450 – 1710) with special interest between picturing, testimony, institutions of memory. and the interdisciplinary study of landscape.

​Nadine Changfoot

​Associate Professor of Political Studies 
B.A. (York) M.A. (Carleton) M.A., Ph.D. (York)

Champlain College C2, ext 6005, nadinechangfoot@trentu.ca

Research Interests: critical theory (feminist, disability, aging, inter and intrasectionalities), political agency and resistance through art and culture (arts-based research), engaged scholarship (environmental sustainability) in Canada and comparative contexts, and resignifications of Hegel's thought for feminism..

Victoria de Zwaan

Associate Professor, Cultural Studies and Cultural Studies Doctoral Program
B.A. (Trent),  M.A. (McGill) Ph.D. (Toronto)  

Traill College, Wallis Hall 111, ext. 6092, vdezwaan@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Include experimental and speculative fiction, literary theory, cultural theory, history and development of cultural studies, adaptation studies, aesthetics.

Charmaine Eddy

Associate Professor, English
M.A. (Western Ontario), Ph.D. (Toronto)

Champlain College S403, (705) 748-1011 ext. 7398, ceddy@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Modern and contemporary American fiction; African-American fiction; 19th-century American women poets; black literary and critical theory; theories of subjectivity and the body; Faulkner; Morrison

David Holdsworth

​Associate Professor, Environmental Studies
​BSc (Waterloo) MSc (McMaster) PhD (Western Ontario)  

Traill College, Scott House 208 ext. 6048,  dholdsworth@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Observation and representation in physical theory; valuation and interpretation of mathematics; the (algebraic) topos as site of theory; political discourses and cultural organization of scientific community; interdisciplinary and professional practice within post-modern culture; environmentalism as a moral discourse.

Veronica Hollinger

Professor (emerita) of Cultural Studies
​B.A. (Marianopolis), M.Ed. (Newcastle), M.A., Ph.D. (Concordia)


Research Interests: science fiction and the climate crisis; Chinese science fiction; nonhumanism and posthumanism; intersections of subjectivity and technoscience; theories of performance, representation, and spectacle

Ihor Junyk

Associate Professor, Cultural Studies and English LLiterature
B.A. Hons. (U.W.O.), M.A (Queen’s), Ph.D (University of Chicago)

Traill College Scott House 204, ext 6052, ihorjunyk@trentu.ca

Research Interests: modernism and the avant-garde; classicism and myth; opera; trauma, memory, and history; and the contemporary novel.

​Stephen Katz

Associate Professor of Sociology
B.A. (York) M.A. (McGill) Ph.D. (York)  

Otonabee College 230, ext 6020, skatz@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Age and life-course studies; sociology of the body; neoliberal health politics. 

Paul Manning

Associate Professor of Anthropology
M.A., Ph.D. (Chicago)    

Champlain College E1.3, ext 7271, paulmanning@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Linguistic anthropology, anthropology and history, semiotics (the study of signs), cartoons, urban anthropology, anthropology of romance, anthropology of politics, liberalism and neo-liberalism, colonialism, anthropology of technology, nature, mining, landscape, and anthropology of the preternatural (fairies, pixies, monsters, occultism, theosophy). 

Barb Marshall

Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies 
M.A. (Guelph) Ph.D. (Alberta)  

Otonabee College 225, ext 7856, bmarshall@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Feminist and critical social theory, sociology of the body, gender and sexuality, science and technology studies

Anne Meneley

Associate Professor of Anthropology
​B.A. (McGilll), M.A., Ph.D. (New York University)

DNA Building C217, ext 7329, ameneley@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Middle East, Islam, religion and world views, embodiment, ethnographic methods, and histories of anthropology

​Liam Mitchell

Associate Professor, Chair of Cultural Studies and Coordinator of Media Studies 
B.A. (Thompson Rivers), M.A. (York), Ph.D. (Victoria)

Traill College, Scott House 201, ext. 6072, liammitchell@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Game studies, media theory, political theory, cultural politics, social media, Heidegger, Foucault.

Alan O'Connor

Professor, Cultural Studies and Media Studies
B.A. (Trinity College, Dublin), M.A., Ph.D. (York)  

Oshawa Campus 164, ext 5030, aoconnor@trentu.ca

Research Interests:  Subcultures, anarchism and the 'anti-globalization' movement; sociology of culture, mass media, intellectual fields; Latin American studies. 

James Penney

Professor, Cultural Studies and French & Francophone Studies
B.A., M.A. (Alberta), Ph.D. (Duke)

Traill College Scott House 205, ext 6075, jamespenney@trentu.ca

Research Interests:Cultural theory (psychoanalysis and Marxism), world literature and cinema, queer theory.

Stephanie Rutherford

Associate Professor
BA (Toronto), MSc (Guelph), PhD (York)

Symons Campus, Environmental Science Building A112, ext. 7187, srutherford@trentu.ca

Research and Teaching Interests: Cultural politics of nature, Political ecology of wolves in Canada, Political theory and the environment, Environmental justice
Stephanie teaches in the broad areas of human-animal relations, political ecology, and environmental justice. Stephanie is committed to challenging and nurturing students, not as passive recipients of knowledge but in a lifelong learning process that can equip them to be critical of the world as it is, and seek to change it for the better.

Elaine Stavro

Associate Professor of Political Studies
​B.A. M.A. Ph.D. (Toronto)

Champlain College S403, ext 6007, estavro@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Feminist theory; contemporary French philosophy; reproductive technology.

Adjunct Professors

Katrina Keefer

Adjunct Professor of History
B.A., M.A. (Trent), Ph.D. (York)


Research Interests: Cultural history; body marking; Identity; African history; Classical history; Intellectual history; the history of slavery globally; missionary education and development; representation within games

Karen Robertson

B.A. (Concordia), M.A. (Trent), Ph.D. (Guelph)

Research Interests: 19th and 20th Century continental philosophy, especially Heidegger and Arendt; political philosophy, especially the philosophical foundations of liberalism, critiques of liberalism, and issues of multiculturalism; feminist theory, ethics, aesthetics.

Joshua Synenko

Limited Term Faculty, Cultural Studies
B.A. Ph.D. (York), M.A.(Western)

Traill College, Scott House 212, ext. 6164 joshuasynenko@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Cinema and media studies, Collective memory, Migrant narratives, Popular and visual culture, Social and political thought, Urban media theory.