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Theory, Culture & Politics M.A.

A woman painting a man's face for a cultural dance

Theory, Culture & Politics M.A.

The Experience

Close working relationships between faculty and students

Trent University has a long history of encouraging our students' intellectual development and communication skills through our strong emphasis on small group teaching – an emphasis we believe contributes to our students’ exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge. This commitment, coupled with the modest size of the Theory, Culture and Politics program, will ensure that we are able to give you the personal guidance and encouragement needed to achieve your academic goals in a timely manner.

Preparation for the future

The M.A. degree is intended both as a preparation for doctoral studies (whether in traditional or new areas of study) and as a qualification in itself for those seeking professional enrichment or re-orientation in such career fields as communications, the environment, education and law. The degree can be taken either full or part-time. To accommodate part-time students, the required TCP Seminar is normally scheduled as an evening course.

Why Theory, Culture and Politics at Trent?

At Trent University we encourage faculty and student research, publications, visiting speakers and conferences. Each year the Program adopts a loosely overarching theme for the main speakers series and seminar. Past themes have included the practice of theory, media and discourse, time and historicity, science and culture, rethinking the political, borders and boundaries, Re-presentations.