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Centre for Teaching & Learning

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Centre for Teaching & Learning

Collaborative Projects

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is always pleased to partner with departments and initiatives in and outside of the university community which enhance the teaching and learning experience at Trent.  

Below is an overview of the projects the CTL has played a role with.  The initiatives that have more content to share appear within their own page.  Please click on the links on the right to view information on these collaborative projects.

Academic Integrity

Together with Academic Skills and Trent Online, the Academic Integrity online module was updated as well as a new university-wide poster campaign was developed focusing on the importance of student’s knowing their rights and responsibility. 

School of Education & Professional Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is pleased to collaborate on ongoing projects with the School of Education and Professional Learning (www.trentu.ca/education)

College Programs

In conjunction with the colleges, the Centre for Teaching and Learning works to raise awareness of undergrad research opportunities for students and supervising instructors through networking opportunities.

University of Toronto Experiential Learning

Approached by the University of Toronto to partner on a research project investigating Experiential Learning. 

Teach & Tech Day

The Centre for Teaching and Learning partners each year with Trent Online during the planning and coordination of their annual Teach & Tech day (www.trentu.ca/online)

Trent Community Research Centre

The Centre is partners with the Trent Community Research Centre for projects focused on Experiential Learning including panel discussions, consultations and resource development.