Ivana Elbl


Teaching Awards:

  • Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching (2006-07)
  • Leadership in Faculty Teaching Award (2007)

Dr. Ivana Elbl is passionate about medieval history, particularly medieval Portugal, its nobility, and its early presence in Africa. An associate professor in Trent’s History Department and the director of the History M.A. program, Prof. Elbl’s research involves the study of medieval Portugal and its overseas expansion. She teaches courses on the history of European overseas expansion and pre-1800 global history, and is the chief editor of the international journal The Portuguese Studies Review. 

Prof. Elbl has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including TV Ontario’s 2006 Best Lecturer, and has won both the Leadership in Faculty Teaching Award and the Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching. When Prof. Elbl was announced as the recipient of the Symons Award, it was said that she “epitomizes the kind of teacher that has made Trent such a unique institution: enthusiastic, spontaneous, caring and genuinely concerned for student learning, both in and out of the classroom.”

Prof. Elbl has noted: “I am fortunate to work alongside the many excellent and dedicated scholars who comprise Trent’s faculty, all of them deserving of the Symons Award.” She has said she feels grateful to teach in an institution where she actually gets to know her students as individuals. Students are quick to comment on Prof. Elbl’s passion and infectious enthusiasm. “I want to be a teacher,” stated one student.  “Ivana is a prime example of a great role model and if I could impress my students as much as she has, I would be successful indeed.” 

Dr. Elbl has an M.A. from Charles University in Prague and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.