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Centre for Teaching & Learning

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Centre for Teaching & Learning

Teaching Fellows & Grant Recipients

Current Fellows & Recipients

Nadine ChangfootNadine Changfoot

Teaching Fellow Nadine Changfoot, an Associate Professor who has taught in the Political Studies department since 2004, is focused on guiding student creation of critical content for Wikipedia in a range of subject areas within critical disability studies. The goals for students include the strengthening of targeted writing skills, media and information literacy, critical thinking, research skills, collaboration, and communication skills oriented toward the creation of critically informed content with rigorous research and citation of authoritative sources not only for Wikipedia, but also applicable public domain and open access knowledge sources.

Carolyn KayCarolyn Kay​

Teaching Fellow Carolyn Kay, a Professor who has taught in the History department since 1990, is focused on designing and measuring approaches to teaching the history of genocide, with a particular emphasis on using innovative methods of learning, teaching, and evaluation, while simultaneously working to better understand factors that impact student anxiety in the course of learning difficult subject matter. The goals include increasing student understanding of genocide, deepening awareness of the human cost and the human experience of oppression in many different contexts, and evaluating different methods of instruction as to their effect upon student learning. 

Fergal O'Hagan standing in Bata Library, posing for pictureFergal O’Hagan

Teaching Fellow Fergal O’Hagan, faculty in the Department of Psychology since 2008, is focused on improving the student learning experience in upper year undergraduate psychology statistics through the development, implementation, and evaluation of an active, problem-based learning approach focusing on real-world data problems. The aim is to improve overall motivation and ability to approach data problems by helping students develop understanding and technical skills through active, problem-based learning strategies that use problems relevant to contemporary issues in Psychology.

Ann Mary Celestini and Catherine Thibeault

Wickerson Foundation Fund recipients Ann Mary Celestini and Catherine Thibeault, both faculty in the Trent/Fleming School of Nursing, are redesigning Individual as Nurse (NURS 1000), a foundational course in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. UDL principles will be integrated to ensure that learners experience multiple means of engaging, acting, and demonstrating outcomes. Curriculum modifications include tailored approaches to in-class learning activities, learning resources, and evaluation strategies.

Barbara Wall

Wickerson Foundation Fund recipient Barbara Wall, Lecturer in the Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies, is redesigning Foundations for Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences (IESS 1001), a required course for IESS majors that is also an approved course on the Indigenous Course Requirement list. With the support of Indigenous Studies PhD Student Amy Shawanda, curriculum modifications will address content delivery, assessments, and the use of customized case studies, new technologies, and collaborative learning strategies.


Former Fellows & Recipients

Michael Hickson

Michael Hickson

Teaching Fellow Michael Hickson, an Assistant Professor with the Philosophy department at the time of his Teaching Fellowship, was focused on developing a set of best practices for delivering case-based courses in applied ethics, as well as on developing strategies for incorporating current events from the news into case-based pedagogy. This work was intended to further strengthen the delivery of courses in applied ethics and enhance the capacity of students for critical engagement with the news.


Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill, an Associate Professor with the School of the Environment at the time of his Teaching Fellowship, was focused on mapping and developing community-engaged learning at Trent through producing a comprehensive framework for student learning through community engagement, focused on environment and sustainability. His work explored how learners can be provided with the multiyear coordinated foundation of skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to be successful with community-based research projects.

Jane MackieJane Mackie

Jane Mackie, an Assistant Professor with the Trent/Fleming School of Nursing at the time of her Teaching Fellowship, was focused on developing a new approach to teaching medication dose calculations to first year nursing students at Trent. This work involved implementing a new “math for nursing” course designed to help students overcome the barriers to and provide meaningful learning for successful mastery of medication dose calculations. The course was based on the principles of active learning using a flipped-classroom to encourage meaningful learning.

Theresa standing in Bata LibraryTheresa Stotesbury

Theresa Stotesbury, a Senior Lecturer cross-appointed to Chemistry and Forensic Science at the time of her Fellowship, was focused on investigating the efficacy of implementing augmented reality technologies into her forensic chemistry classroom. Her research in experiential learning was situated at the interface between the fundamental (chemistry) and the applied (forensic science) and she hoped to learn how chemical knowledge and the environment can affect decision making in the laboratory and at the crime scene.