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Centre for Teaching & Learning

Centre for Teaching & Learning

Teaching Fellows 2016-2019

The inaugural Trent teaching fellows were announced in the fall of 2016.  Please find descriptions of the fellows and their projects below.  

image of Stephen Hill, teaching fellowStephen Hill

Stephen Hill, an Associate Professor with the School of the Environment, will focus on mapping and developing community-engaged learning at Trent. From Professor Hill’s experiences, Trent takes pride in providing upper year and graduate opportunities for course-based community research, yet there is a missing piece where learners have not been provided with the multiyear coordinated foundation of skills, knowledge, and competencies to be successful with these projects. Outside of professional programs, students are not adequately equipped to succeed with community-based research projects. In Professor Hill’s opinion, “we should be doing everything we can to facilitate student success in these important experiential learning opportunities to ensure the most benefit comes to the learners and the community partner.”

The impact of this project will be a comprehensive framework for student learning through community engagement, focused on environment and sustainability. The benefits of this will accrue to students working with community partners and, importantly, to community-based organizations hosting student projects that will better serve the community. “By creating a coherent curriculum framework for our community-based education program, Trent will be better positioned to form strategic multiyear relationships with community partners,” says Hill.

“It’s an honour to hold this fellowship… people at Trent really value teaching. By working with each other, we can collectively bring out the best in our teaching and learning and make a difference for our students." 

Stephen Hill, who has taught at Trent in the Environmental & Resource Studies program since 2003, is a past recipient of the Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching as well as the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation Ontario Region’s Excellence in Education Award for Promotion of Sustainable Practices. 

image of Jane Mackie, Trent teaching fellowJane Mackie

Jane Mackie, an Assistant Professor with the Trent/Fleming School of Nursing, will implement a new active learning approach to teaching medication dose calculations to first year nursing students at Trent. Research shows that accurate calculation of medication doses presents a challenge for nurses in practice and for nursing students. The development of an effective strategy for teaching medication dose calculations is important to combat this challenge. Professor Jane Mackie will implement a new “math for nursing” flipped classroom course, whose purpose will be to overcome the barriers to and provide meaningful learning for successful mastery of medication dose calculations. The course will be based on the principles of active learning using a flipped-classroom to encourage meaningful learning; while students are working on application activities, the instructor will circulate to provide guidance as needed. 

Mackie looks forward to sharing the learning from implementing this approach with the Trent teaching community, while also planning to share the results of the research through both publication and presentation to the broader nursing and teaching communities. She states, “It is my hope that by using active learning strategies in a flipped classroom with first year students, I can inspire confidence about their own ability to learn in a subject area they are often anxious about. The opportunity to increase confidence in their ability to learn is key with first year students as this will translate into better confidence and learning in all of their future studies.”

Jane Mackie initially joined Trent in the Biology Department in 2001, and has taught in the Trent/Fleming School of Nursing since 2006. In 2016 Jane Mackie was also the recipient of the Trent/Fleming Student Nursing Association Faculty Award.