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Centre for Teaching & Learning

Showcasing Excellence

How does some one get showcased?

The Centre for Teaching and Learning regularly showcases inspiring faculty, staff, and student members of the Trent University community. One or two paragraph suggestions can be sent to Adam Guzkowski (adamguzkowski2@trentu.ca) for review at the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

In order to be featured in the showcase series, individuals or groups should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • They have demonstrated innovative approaches to teaching and/or learning in or beyond the classroom
  • They have been involved in developing, leading, or supporting exceptional teaching and learning opportunities
  • They have a demonstrated track record of facilitating significant learning and development opportunities for faculty, staff, or students
  • Their work has helped to create and/or enhance dynamic and supportive environments for teaching and learning
  • They have been engaged in notable research on teaching and learning
  • They have shown a noteworthy commitment to maximizing the quality of their teaching and/or learning

Those selected to be celebrated in the showcase series will complete a video-taped interview of 30 minutes to describe their teaching, learning, research, project, service, and/or innovation, and will be featured on a Showcase Poster as well as on the Centre for Teaching and Learning website.

April 2019

Richard Hurley smiling for camera with computers behind himRichard Hurley

Building confidence and skills in undergraduate and graduate students

Teaching courses in programming, digital logic, automata theory, and modelling and simulation, Richard Hurley has dedicated over 25 years to continuously refining his approach to facilitating student learning. Richard’s teaching style integrates relevant examples, student questions, and important technologies to maximize student learning and provide students with opportunities to gain experience in practical problem solving.


Faculty Member, Computing & Information Systems  |  Applied Learning Adherent  |  Interactive Educator  |  Distributed Systems Expert

» Watch Richard's video interview

March 2019

Instructor Christine Goodwin-De Faria smiling, against a red brick wall inside the Durham campusChristine Goodwin-De Faria

Sparking enthusiasm and passion in students at Trent Durham GTA

Deeply committed to empowering students to make a difference in the world, Christine Goodwin-De Faria teaches courses on topics such as Child Rights and Legal Issues, Professional Ethics and Risk Management, and Imagination and Child and Youth Culture. Christine is known for providing extensive guidance, mentorship, and feedback, for integrating numerous examples, case studies, guest speakers, and experiential opportunities into her teaching, and for inspiring students to apply their learning in and beyond the classroom.


Faculty Member, Child & Youth Studies  |  CUPE Instructor  |  Insightful Educator  |  Youth Justice Specialist

» Watch Christine's video interview


April 2018

Charmaine standing in front of book shelves in the Careers officeCharmaine Rodrick

Helping students succeed in their career searches and transitions

Providing advice and support to students at Trent University, Charmaine Rodrick assists with all aspects of employment preparation, including résumés, cover letters, and interviews. Working with faculty members and departments, Charmaine also delivers customized workshops that help students identify and express the experiences and expertise they have developed throughout their learning.


Career Resource Advisor  |  Résumé Reviewer  |  Cover Letter Consultant  |  Employment Exploration Expert

» Watch Charmaine's video interview


March 2018

Philosophy student Drake Sullivan posing with arms folded, smiling, in student centre classroomDrake Sullivan

Applying critical perspectives to contemporary ethical questions

Pursuing an emphasis in Applied Ethics, Drake Sullivan examines pressing issues related to the structure of the state and how people ought to act in classes such as Philosophy of Law, Justice and Rights, and Biomedical Ethics. Planning to attending law school in the fall, Drake looks forward to relating his philosophical knowledge to practical concerns in areas such as Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, and Criminal Law.


Philosophy Student  |  Applied Ethicist  |  Trent Durham Philosophy President  |  Former Varsity Soccer Player

» Watch Drake's video interview


January 2018

Erica Not outside in the winter behind the DNA building

Erica Nol

Instilling a sense of discovery about the natural world

Teaching a range of courses from a first-year Biology course, Foundations of Biodiversity, to a graduate-level statistics course, Research Design and Data Analysis, Erica Nol carefully customizes how she teaches based on the course and the level of the students. Building on decades of experience as a teacher, researcher, and mentor, Erica equips students with the tools they need to develop as scientists and as effective communicators of environmental knowledge.


Faculty Member, Biology  |  Department Chair  |  Ornithologist  |  Arctic Researcher

» Watch Erica's video interview

December 2017

Student Erin Hayward standing in her science lab and in from of her equipment

Erin Hayward

Envisioning integrated approaches to healthy environments and communities

Collaborating on a community based research project with the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation, Erin Hayward examines how wastewater inputs into rivers and streams impact aquatic organisms, with a particular focus on freshwater mussel species living downstream of wastewater treatment facilities. Erin combines her work as an Environmental and Life Sciences graduate student with extensive community engagement and leadership, including being involved with the Trent Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Science (TRACKS) Youth Program, Indigenous Friendship Centres, and nationally recognized youth driven reconciliation initiatives like the 4R’s Youth Movement.

Kanien’keha:ka, Turtle Clan  |  M.Sc. Student  |  Hand Drum Carrier  |  3M National Student Fellow

» Watch Erin's video interview

November 2017

Melanie Sedge standing on balcony outside of Champlain College office with trees in background

Melanie Sedge

Building communities of academic and social connection and support

Bringing together students, faculty, staff, and alumni, Melanie Sedge facilitates vibrant social and intellectual programming and interactions at Champlain College. Collaborating with the other College Heads, Melanie works to create learning and engagement opportunities for on and off-campus students at the Colleges and across Trent University.


Head of Champlain College  |  Student Experience Facilitator  |  3 Minute Paper Organizer  |  Canoe Tripper

» Watch Melanie's video interview


October 2017

Phil and Hasmet in Champlain College quad

Philip Giurlando & Hasmet Uluorta

Helping students develop theoretical toolkits that enable conscious engagement with concrete global concerns

Philip Giurlando teaches in a way that aims to inspire enthusiasm for politics while helping students connect current events to broader historical and geographical contexts. Hasmet Uluorta, cross-appointed with International Development Studies, is dedicated to teaching that creates accessible and dynamic scholarly communities that foster curiosity and reflection about the political and economic state of the world.


Political Studies Faculty Members  |  World Politics Instructors  |  Course Design Collaborators  |  Synergistic Colleagues

» Watch Hasmet and Philip's video interview

May 2017

Jessica Randall

Continuing a legacy of exemplary teaching and learning

Acknowledging the outstanding History teachers she has had in high school and university, Jessica Randall looks forward to bringing similar inspiration and creativity to the classrooms of the future. Recognizing the many positive ways she has learned and changed over her time at Trent, Jessica credits faculty, staff, and peers for having supported and nurtured her growth and success.



History Student  |  College Cabinet Leader  |  Student Group President  |  Last Lecture Speaker

» Watch Jessica's video interview

April 2017

Michael Hickson sitting on steps in 'The Pit' in Champlain CollegeMichael Hickson

Combining classical and innovative pedagogies

Sharing his passion for learning with his students, Michael Hickson fosters dialogue and debate as a part of the enriching experience of engaging with authors from past ages. Using current events and a case-based approach as ways of teaching moral principles and ethical theories, Michael facilitates students gaining informed judgements about what’s going on in the world and a desire to do something about it.


Philosophy Faculty Member  |  History of Philosophy Specialist  |  Applied Ethics Instructor  |  Current Events Aficionado

» Watch Michael's video interview

February 2017

Rob Loney sitting on steps in the science complex

Robert Loney

Providing expertise in practical applications of environmental techniques

Applying his technical and organizational acumen, Robert Loney helps to administer classes, produce course materials, organize and maintain equipment, and deliver graphical and computer support. As part of the teaching team for courses such as Cases in Environmental Science and Studies and Introduction to Geographical Information Systems, Robert helps students learn the knowledge and skills that will allow them to engage with complex environmental problems with a sense of hope and confidence.

Demonstrator/Technician  |  School of the Environment Team Member  |  Laboratory Manual Creator  |  Talented Photographer

» Watch Rob's video here

December 2016

Student Haddon Rabb sitting on a bench in Gzowski college

Haddon Rabb

Furthering research and practice in emergency medical response

Co-writing an article on the patterns and rates of injuries in obstacle course racing, Haddon Rabb is immersed in working to understand contributing factors and trends in the incidence and severity of medical emergencies. Through his involvement on and off campus, including his former leadership of the Trent University Emergency First Response Team and his role as an integral member of the Eastern Canada Spartan Race medical team, Haddon applies his learning and research to strengthen the quality of emergency medical assistance and care.

Biology Student  |  Former Director, TUEFRT  |  Community Outreach Volunteer  |  Compassionate Leader

» View Haddon's video here

November 2016

Sita A. Gardner standing, smiling at camera in Otonabee College's room 143

Sita A. Gardner

Raising the bar for student learning and achievement

Helping students make sense of global events, Sita A. Gardner uses an inclusive, interactive pedagogical approach to engage students in developing a healthy curiosity about the world while learning to think critically and extend themselves academically. Applying her research on the linkages between economics and politics, including the manifold ramifications of globalisation, Sita teaches students about international relations and U.S. and Canadian foreign policy and challenges them to pursue how they can be instrumental in affecting constructive change in the world.

Global Power and Politics Faculty Member  |  CUPE Instructor  |  Foreign Policy Specialist  |  Human Trafficking Researcher

» Watch Sita Gardner's video here

September 2016

Jessica Lee standing outside of Blackburn hall in the summer, smiling at camera

Jessica Lee

Helping students consider and embark on studies in Education

Recruiting and managing the enrolment of prospective Education students, Jessica Lee provides expertise, guidance, and support throughout the applications and admissions process. Through her many touchpoints at Trent, including as a staff member, a Master of Education student, and an Alumni Council member, Jessica helps enrich engagement in many different contexts of formal and informal learning.


Education Enrolment Advisor  |  Community Builder  |  M.Ed. Student  |  Alumni Council Vice President

» Watch Jessica Lee's video here

Mike Jorgensen at the Rugby field

Michael Jorgensen

Integrating academic and athletic pursuits

Researching the psychology of concussion prevention and injury management, Michael Jorgensen focuses on understanding the stories and motivations of competitive athletes. Building on his experiences as a researcher and athlete at Trent, as well as on the skills developed through an internship at Rugby Ontario and volunteer work at Rugby Canada, Michael is committed to developing rugby as a sport and making competitive sport safer for all athletes.

Graduate Student  |  Concussion Researcher  |  Teaching Award Nominee  |  Varsity Rugby Player

» Watch Mike Jorgensen's video here

March 2016

Jane Mackie in nursing lab

Jane Mackie

Challenging students to become successful and independent learners

Providing students with the resources and supports needed to excel in life sciences at Trent, Jane Mackie creates opportunities for students to immerse themselves in challenging content. Using teaching approaches including flipped classrooms, case studies, and group discussions, Jane scaffolds learning experiences to help students become strong life-long learners.


Nursing Faculty Member  |  Pharmacologist  |  Nursing Education Researcher  |  Flipped Classroom Instructor

» Watch Jane Mackie's video here

January 2016

Ian Thomson from IT Department

Ian Thomson

Facilitating the integration of technology into teaching and learning

Working as part of the Learning Technology Team along with Jeff Gardiner and Chris Los, Ian Thomson provides expertise and support in the use of technology in teaching and learning at Trent. Managing and monitoring the performance of tools such as Blackboard and Panopto, Ian ensures that appropriate technologies are easy for faculty and students to integrate into the educational experience.


Instructional Technology Specialist  |  Learning Management System Administrator  |  Digital Tools Advisor  |  College Instructor

»Watch Ian Thomson's video here

December 2015

Betty Wondimu

Betelhem Wondimu

Envisioning policies for economic empowerment

Looking at the numbers, Betelhem processes statistics as part of her research into correlations between social and economic disparities. Passionate about the platform that Trent provides for transformative learning and critical dialogues in and outside of the classroom, Betelhem’s interest in policy development and leadership involvements on campus have already had noticeable impacts at local and provincial levels.


International Development Studies and Economics Student  |  Microdata Analyzer  |  International Recruitment Assistant  |  Alumni Award Recipient

»Watch Betelhem Wondimu's video here

October 2015

Dan Longboat

Dan Longboat

Inspiring students to be hopeful visionaries

Honouring the tremendous responsibility and privilege of being a teacher, Dan Longboat helps students develop broader, richer, and deeper understandings of the beautiful intricacies of the world around them, and their connections to, relationships with, and responsibility for themselves, their families, their communities, and the environment. Drawing on traditional Haudenosaunee knowledge, Dan teaches the importance of valuing the interactions of multiple knowledge systems, and the necessity of applying creative, innovative, and integrative thinking to develop real solutions to complex and compounded environmental issues.

Roronhiake:wen (He Clears the Sky)  |  Indigenous Studies Faculty Member  |  Director, Indigenous Environmental Studies  |  Transformative Teacher

»Watch Dan Longboat's video about teaching

September 2015

Academic Skills team

Erin Stewart Eves, Dana Capell, Andrea Maxie, & Mary Ann Armstrong

Empowering students to improve and excel in their studies

Consulting in person and online, Erin, Dana, Andrea, and Mary Ann help undergraduate and graduate students develop and enhance skills and strategies for academic success, and provide offerings such as an academic integrity module, an academic mentoring program, online resources, and in-class workshops.



Academic Skills Instructors  |  Writing Consultants  |  Time Management Mentors  |  Study Tips Specialists

»Watch the Academic Skills team video

June 2015

Rhonda Smith

Rhonda Smith

Fostering passion and knowledge about forensics and the law

Teaching about Canadian legal frameworks and contexts, Rhonda Smith asks probing questions that draw students at Trent into critical conversations about complex concepts. Creating lively and interactive classroom environments, Rhonda helps students understand the legal system and their potential roles in the world of law.



Forensic Science Faculty Member  |  Engaging Instructor  |  Experienced Lawyer  |  Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator

»Watch Rhonda's Showcase Video

May 2015

Kate MacIsaac

Kate MacIsaac

Providing support to students in crisis

Supporting crisis management and prevention for students, Kate MacIsaac helps Trent students build on their own strengths and resilience to find relief in the midst of challenging times. Through the education and information she provides, and through the Student Support Certificate program she manages, Kate also helps enhance the capacity of faculty and staff to support students in times of distress.


Student Crisis Response Coordinator  |  Resiliency Advocate  |  Workshop Leader  |  Capacity Builder

»Watch Kate's Showcase Video

March 2015

Cornel Grey

Cornel Grey

Exploring narratives and negotiated identities

Combining the study of literary texts with sociological analysis, Cornel investigates how individuals and groups navigate the cultural contexts of different settings and societies. Having been involved in many ways at Trent has allowed Cornel to make deep connections between learning environments and social environments, which is motivating his desire to continue working in post-secondary education after finishing his degree.


English Literature and Sociology Student  |  Thesis Writer  |  Interdisciplinary Scholar  |  College Life Programmer

»Watch Cornel's Showcase Video

Blaise Gelinas


Blaise Gelinas

Combining classroom and extracurricular learning

Maximizing his learning at Trent through his involvement in learning, research, and volunteer activities, Blaise Gelinas is focusing his attentions on the psychology of addictive behaviours, with a plan to incorporate counselling and clinical research into his future endeavours.


Trent Durham Psychology Student  |  Empathetic Listener  |  Peer Mentor  |  Distress Centre Volunteer

»Watch Blaise's Showcase Video

Three librarians


Librarians Dwayne Collins, Ellen Olsen-Lynch & Jean Luyben

Charting pathways to information resources

Helping students and faculty at Trent navigate the journey of information search and retrieval, Dwayne, Jean, and Ellen select and ensure access to relevant resources, tools, and materials, and teach about the creative process of research in-class, online, and one-to-one.


Learning & Liaison Librarians  |  Collection Developers  |  Information Tour Guides  |  Research Strategists

»View the Librarian's Showcase Video

Kathy Fife


Kathy Fife

Supporting teaching and learning that opens minds

Serving as the central support for both Philosophy and Gender & Women’s Studies at Trent, Kathy Fife’s work and institutional knowledge make her an invaluable resource and the go-to person for students and faculty in both departments.


Departmental Secretary  |  Troubleshooter  |  Multitasker  |  Board Member

»View Kathy Fife's Showcase Video

Jennifer Lund


Dr. Jennifer Lund

Supporting integrated and accessible education for students

Championing full accessibility for students throughout their experiences at Trent, Dr. Lund collaborates with faculty, staff, and students to help ensure teaching and learning supports and strategies for success are developed and implemented.


Team Leader  |  Accommodation Advisor  |  Academic Coach  |  Mental Health Advocate

»Watch Jennifer's Showcase Video

Ralph and Aaron


Dr. Ralph Shiell and Dr. Aaron Slepkov

Transforming student experiences in Physics

To more effectively evaluate student learning in physics at Trent, Profs. Shiell and Slepkov have developed an innovative strategy for scaffolding student questions that measure skills and knowledge incrementally, giving students credit for their thinking at each stage in their problem solving.


Physicists  |  Collaborators  |  Assessment Innovators  |  Passionate Teachers

»View Ralph and Aaron's Showcase Video

Students who worked in Honduras

Lana De Bastiani, Jenna Craft, Kathleen Crook and Keeley Moloney

Venturing outside the typical classroom

Travelling to Honduras during the Fall Reading Break, 3,320 km away from Trent, Lana, Jenna, Kathleen, and Keeley taught children in rural Honduras about social determinants of health (education, nutrition, hygiene and play) in classrooms that included mountainsides, remote villages, and single room school houses. During their trip, they also delivered 360 lbs of food and 400 lbs of donated school supplies.


Psychology Students  |  Travellers  |  Health Promoters  |  Mountainside Teachers