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Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research

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Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research

Triplets Chart Their Own Courses at Trent While Nurturing Lifelong Bond

Here A Narine, There A Narine…Everywhere A Narine: Meet the Narine Triplets

There’s something beyond power in numbers – there’s comfort too.

The Narine triplets, Vandana, Geeta and Rudra, are in their first year at Trent. Their father, Dr. Suresh Narine, is the director of the Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research as well as a professor with the Physics & Astronomy and Chemistry departments.

“My siblings are the closest people to me in the world; we truly have an unbreakable bond and I'm so happy to be going to university with them,” enthuses Vandana, enrolled in Biomedical Science and the “oldest” of the three 17 year olds by a few minutes.

“In our earlier years, it was hard to find individuality. We were just ‘the triplets.’ As time went on, we shaped into completely different people, pursuing completely different areas of study. People are quite excited over the fact we are triplets, although most don't guess that until they are told.” 

Vandana’s sister Geeta is an International Development Studies student at Trent; her brother Rudna is seeking his Honours B.A.

It’s early yet but the triplets’ impressions of Trent are positive with Vandana terming the Trent community “warm and amazing.”

Posted on September 28, 2017