Scholarships and Bursaries

Trent Study Abroad Bursary Application

The Trent Study Abroad Bursary Application is available on your "myTrent" in the Academics tab under the "Study Abroad" heading.   Please review the application as it will include deadline dates.  Likewise, the general Prize, Awards, and Scholarship Request can be found on your "myTrent" under the "Finances" heading.

If you have any questions about the Study Abroad Bursary Form or about any other bursaries and awards please contact the Study Abroad Office at

Trent University Scholarships and Bursaries for Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Alumni Aaron Coholan Gift - Ghana & Ecuador Travel Fund

    Intended to support students travelling on a Trent program to Ghana or Ecuador.

  • Bridget Butt Trent-in-Ghana Award

    Established by Michael Butt, a member of Trent's Board of Governors, and Bridget, who worked in East Africa for many years.  This is awarded to a student entering third yea in International Development, Anthropology, or International Studies participating in the Trent-in-Ghana year-abroad program.  This award is based on community involvement, academic achievement, and financial need. OTSS guidelines apply.

  • Dr. Leslie Calvert Bursary

    Named after one of Trent’s first students of German in Modern Languages, this ward is for deserving students who require financial help to participate in a student exchange program to Germany. OTSS guideline apply.

  • Edward Tremain Award for Study Abroad

    Established in memory of Ted Tremain, a dedicated honourary member of the Board of Governors. Awarded to a 3rd or 4th year Trent student going abroad. Award is based on financial need and an excellent academic record. OTSS guidelines apply.

  • German Studies Bursary

    Awarded to students majoring in German Studies in second year or higher.

  • International Development Studies Bursary for IDST Year Abroad Programs

    Established to honour Daniel Powell and David Morrison for their contributions to the IDS study abroad programs. Awarded to a student registered in an International Development Studies Department Year Abroad. Preference will be given to students who have been active in extra-curricular activities with an international orientation.  OTSS guidelines apply.

  • Jack Matthews Study and Research Abroad Bursaries

    Named in honour of the founding director of the Trent International Program and honourary Degree recipient. Awarded to undergraduate students going on a Trent University study abroad program and to graduate students studying and researching in an international setting as part of a Trent program. The award is based on financial need and an excellent academic record. OTSS guidelines apply.

  • Keppler Bursaries for German Studies

    Established by Hans and Christine Keppler.  Awarded to Canadian undergraduate and graduate students going on a study abroad program to Germany or studying German at Trent.

  • Rita Chiu Study Abroad Bursary

    Established by Justin Chiu who benefited from the Trent experience as an international student, in honour of his wife, Rita, who took a one-year sabbatical leave from her job in Hong Kong to spend a memorable time with Justin in the tranquil, quiet and harmonious environment in Peterborough in 1977.  Rita also took some courses at Trent during the period.  Awarded to undergraduate Trent students going abroad. OTSS guidelines apply.

  • Scotiabank Scholarship and Prize Fund

    Scotiabank's gift of $400,000 over ten years will be used to provide scholarship support students on study abroad programs at a Trent partner university abroad where Scotiabank operates.  Prizes are given based on academic excellence.

  • Shawn T. Callaghan Memorial Prize

    The prize, valued at $1,000, was created by the Champlain College Cabinet in honour of Shawn Callaghan, a student at Champlain College who died hiking in the Swiss Alps in 2007.  The prize is awarded annually to one or two Champlain College students planning to travel abroad for research, service-learning, or study opportunities.Applications are available through the Champlain College Cabinet.

  • W.A.C.H. Dobson Memorial Student Travel Award

    Named in honour of W.A.C.H. "Bill" Dobson this award assists a Trent student studying abroad or an incoming visa student with travel costs.  In recognition of Professor Dobson's exceptional interest in China and the Pacific Rim, preference is given to students studying in Asia or coming from Asia.

External Scholarships and Bursaries

Additional Funding Opportunities

  • TCSA A.P.P.L.E. Fund

           This fund provides support to students given rare opportunities to participate in events and activities that will expand their experiences, skills, academic potential and leadership.

           Aimed for students looking to participate in conference or workshop abroad and need assistance with funding. You can find more information on the TCSA website.