Useful Websites


  • MyWorldAbroad
    ​Develop your International IQ, build strong cross-cultural skills and learn about international job hunting –these credentials will prepare you for future work in the global economy. Find the international program or position that fits your style with more than 1,800 pages of information and 4,000 searchable resources and employer profiles. This easy-to-use interactive online guide provides thousands of practical strategies as well as tips, quizzes and videos.

    *To access this FREE resource, log into your myTrent account, go to the Support tab and find the MyWorldAbroad icon for under "Campus Support".  

  • Verge Magazine
    ​Verge is an online travel magazine produced right here in Peterborough. They provide incite from other students and travelers about budget traveling, staying healthy, coping with culture shock...the list goes on. It is a great resource for those considering a study abroad to get opinions from international students on their experience, as well as tips that may help those preparing to study abroad.
  • Country Insights
    From Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. This website has descriptions and insights on all aspects of culture and communication in any country in the world, including everything from displays of emotion to dress norms, to which types of humour people enjoy.
  • Wikitravel
    An extensive user-edited travel guide including popular and off-the-beaten-path travel destinations, travel alerts, upcoming international events and festivals, cultural information and phrasebooks.
  • Travel Reports and Warnings
    A guide for Canadians traveling worldwide. Includes tips on travel, currency and climate. Also provides up-to-date travel advisories and warnings.
  • Time Zone Converter
    Find out what time it is, anywhere in the world.
  • Rail Europe
    Find rail passes, discounts, accommodations and train schedules for travelling around Europe.
  • Currency Converter
    See how much your CAD$ are worth abroad.
  • Study Abroad Directory
    A directory to aid students seeking opportunities to study abroad.
    A third party service not affiliated with Trent, offering access to and comparisons of approximately 4000 language courses world-wide.