How Can I Study Abroad?

Although many options are shown on our website, we suggest that you make an appointment with our Study Abroad Advisor, Kate Logan, to discover the full range of Study Abroad options.

A lot of students think that with their major they cannot study abroad. However, every major can facilitate a study abroad experience!


Our most popular program will fit a semester or year abroad seamlessly into your degree experience. Pay your normal full-time Trent tuition and ancillary fees and the tuition fees are waived at the host university.  Depending on the type of agreement, you may pay your residence fees to Trent, but in most agreements residence fees are paid to the host University. Successfully completed courses taken abroad are transferred back to your Trent degree as a transfer credit and graded with a PASS/FAIL mark. The numeric marks received by a student will not appear on their Trent transcript, but will be considered if the student is a recipient of an academics-based scholarship.

Department Year Abroad

Some of Trent's departments offer their own programs for you to take your classes overseas and on-location, so you can experience firsthand what you're studying. Students pay their normal Trent tuition fees, minus some ancillary fees, plus a program fee directly to Trent.  Accommodation fees are paid in the host country. For complete details please contact the Department of the Year Abroad Program that you are interested in.

Summer Abroad

If you're looking to go abroad over the summer, Trent will give you credit for it. You can have the same international experience in between your school years. For more information about how to apply for a summer experience, please schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor in the Study Abroad Office.

Letter of Permission

If our Exchange Program doesn't offer the destination you want, we will help you set up a personalized study abroad at the school of your choice. This type of exchange requires students to pay international student tuition fees to the host university.