Student Choice Initiative

Information on optional non-tuition fees

In January 2019, the Ontario government announced the “Student Choice initiative”, giving students the ability to learn more about optional non-tuition fees and make informed choices about which fees they choose to pay. All students will continue to pay fees deemed compulsory.

These optional fees support a range of student services and student groups, so it is important that you make educated decisions when considering your choices. You can learn more about the services, clubs and groups that are funded through student fees at any time by visiting:

Dates and details

All students will have the opportunity to decide which optional non-tuition fees you want to opt out of each term, after registering for courses. It is important that you monitor your email account for notices on your specific opt-out period.

If you have confirmed your acceptance to Trent on or before November 22, 2019, you will have a two-week period from November 22 until midnight of December 6, 2019 to opt out of any fees, through the myTrent portal. Undergraduate students will then receive a final bill for the fall semester by December 13, 2019. Graduate students will receive a final bill for the fall semester by December 20, 2019.

For students who accept their offer to Trent after November 22, you will have two weeks to opt out from the date your acceptance is confirmed. Following your designated opt-out period, you will receive your final bill for the fall semester.

Watch for Student Choice icon on myTrent

During your opt-out period, you will see an icon for “Student Choice Initiative” in the myTrent portal, under the Finances tab. Selecting this icon will bring you to a list of the different services and student groups, with descriptions and links to their websites, you can support. Please read each description carefully before deciding whether or not you will opt out. You can log out and back in again before the opt-out period ends if you want to make any changes.

You will have the option of opting out of fees each semester you are registered.

View 2019-20 ancillary and levy fees for Peterborough, Durham GTA and part-time students.

We want to hear from you

As the government’s Student Choice Initiative is new, we are interested in hearing about your thoughts about the opt-out process or Student Choice Initiative at Trent. If you have feedback, you can email