Trent Work Study Program

For Students

Each year the Trent Work Study Program (TWSP) funds hundreds of student jobs in and around campus that are specifically for students with financial need. Eligible students are those receiving OSAP, funding from another province or territory, or funding through the Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP), and who meet the definition of full-time that is set out by OSAP. See the OSAP definition of full-time below.

Student Eligibility

Students must meet the eligibility requirements each term in order to maintain eligibility for these funded positions.

All students that meet the eligibility requirements are sent a confirmation to their Trent University email address on the first day of Undergraduate classes in each term (Fall and Winter).

To be eligible students must be receiving funding, meet the OSAP definition of full-time (see below), and have their enrolment and funding confirmed with OSAP, their home province or territory, or their Band or education office. 

Full-Time OSAP Definition

- 1.5 credits per term OR 1.0 credits per term for students with a permanent disability

Students who did not receive confirmation but believe they meet the requirements can contact the Office of the Registrar to inquire about their eligibility.

Available jobs are posted on the Student Job Board in the myTrent student portal and are usually marked to indicate that they are funded through the TWSP.

For Employers

The Trent Work Study Program offers up to $2000 in partial funding of student employee positions to employers in the Trent University community. Each year our employer partners host hundreds of Trent Work Study Program funded positions, providing students with opportunities to develop skills, prepare for their careers, and earn additional income to help with their educational costs.

Any on campus student employer can apply to receive funding. Current and past employers include academic and administrative departments, faculty, campus service providers, and student associations and levy groups.

The funding runs through the Fall and Winter terms and applications for funding are accepted throughout the month of June for the upcoming school year. During the month of June, the application is located in the myTrent portal under Support->Financial Aid. Decisions on funding applications are typically communicated in mid-July.

Students employed in TWSP funded positions must meet the eligibility requirements listed above and must have received an eligibility confirmation email each term that they are employed. It is up to employers to ensure that their student employees are eligible in order to receive funding.

If you receive TWSP funding for one or more positions, you are responsible for paying your student employees and submitting for reimbursement on a per term basis.

Funding Application

The application for funding for TWSP positions for the 2019-2020 school year is now closed and all funding has been allocated. Thank you to all of our host employers!


During the Fall term, reimbursement requests will be accepted for work completed between September 1 and December 31.

During the Winter term, reimbursement requests will be accepted for work completed between January 1 and March 31.

The reimbursement request form is available at the end of each term and can be found in the myTrent portal under Support-> Financial Aid.

To allow for easy tracking of student spending, a spreadsheet tracking tool has been created for those who are interested. TWSP Student Employee Tracking Tool