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Specialization in Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies

A sociological approach to the study of crime and punishment explores the influence of social inequality as a cause of crime, and how criminals and victims are treated by the criminal justice system. Students will learn about homelessness, the criminalization of women, restorative justice and Indigenous peoples. As well, students will have opportunities for independent research with faculty members in their honours year.

This specialization is available to students pursuing a single or joint-major Honours degree in Sociology.

For more detailed descriptions of the courses listed below please visit: https://www.trentu.ca/sociology/program/course-listing

Required Courses

SOCI 2220H - Social Inequality

SOCI 2615H - Crime & Society

SOCI 2610H - Deviance & Social Control

​SOCI-CAST-WMST 4110H - Legal Research Methods

SOCI 4270H - Sociology of Law

Students must also complete 2 courses from the following list:

SOCI 3601H - Critical Criminology

SOCI 3250H - Sociological Perspectives on Homelessness

WMST-SOCI-CAST 3966H - Criminalizing & Punishing Women

WMST-SOCI-CAST-POST 3962H - Gender, Sexualities, and the Law