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Exterior view of Gzowski College in the autumn sunlight from the Bata Library vantage point


Strategic Research Plan

Trent University's Strategic Research Plan has been developed around three integrated areas where Trent researchers have special expertise, often at a world‐class level. These interdisciplinary research themes have been organized around Trent's strengths and the strategic directions that our university’s research is heading.

These three areas are: 

  • Humanities & Culture, which is characterized by an interdisciplinary overview of the human condition;
  • Healthy & Sustainable Communities, a research theme that has global impact, which includes collaborative and community‐based research in Psychology, Nursing, Education and Business. Also, and specific to Trent, a critical mass of research and community building knowledge is found in faculty’s research within Indigenous Studies;
  • and The Environment, a theme that Trent has had decades of work within.

The Strategic Research Plan Summary