The Office of Research and Innovation offers numerous services to assist professors, students and industry leaders alike. These include:

  • Institutional liaison with external research agencies, public and private sector partners, provincial and federal granting agencies;
  • Peer Review, connecting researchers with suitable peer reviewers or mentors 
  • Grant Administration, including preparation, review internal adjudication (if applicable), institutional authorization, support and signatures, establishing research accounts, invoicing, financial reporting and audit, disbursement of funds to collaborators, press releases and communication notices;
  • Information for granting and funding opportunities, including distribution of calls for proposals and negotiation of contracts and award agreements;
  • Links to other departments and external agencies to negotiate support of researchers and research programs;
  • Represent the research community at provincial and national levels to advocate for support of research;
  • Oversee Tri-Council Policies;
  • Protect intellectual property of researchers and institution;
  • and Facilitate technology transfer of intellectual property to private and public sectors

Research Mentorship Program

The research mentorship program plays a crucial role in expanding the research capacity of the university. Research mentors are faculty members who have an outstanding record of successful grantsmanship, have served on external review panels and/or chaired grant selection committees of the Tri-agencies and are experienced peer reviewers and are skilled in providing meaning feedback. Furthermore, research mentors have a solid understanding of the research enterprise at Trent University and have a demonstrated working knowledge of the policies and procedures that guide research. The mentors will work closely with the Office of Research, and the Research Project Officers, to:

  • Increase the success rates of applications by providing peer review and feedback;
  • Assisting faculty in understanding reviewers comments on unsuccessful applications in concert with the Research Project Officers;
  • Supporting interdisciplinary research by bringing researchers together on applications;
  • Draft manual/FAQ’s of best practices to assist researchers in crafting their proposals;
  • Representing Trent in Ottawa, participating in representative meetings (i.e. SSHRC Leaders);
  • Coordinating calls for consultation and feedback as issued by the Tri-agencies;
  • Designing and presenting workshops and round tables to mentor faculty in developing their research proposals (all Tri-agency funding programs); and
  • Increasing the number of faculty applying for grants (capacity building)

One mentor will be hired in each of the Tri-agency areas of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The Current Mentors are:

Mentors Terms are for one year, from July 1st to June 30th, and are renewable.

Institutional Signature

The Office of Research is responsible for securing institutional signatures on all grant applications, contracts, research agreements, etc. The individual authorized by Trent University to sign on behalf of the institution is Dr. Neil Emery, Vice President Research and Innovation.

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