Social Sciences

Sociology - Dr. Stephen Katz 

Interview with Professor Katz about his research with old age.

Download the Transcript of the Dr. Stephen Katz Interview

International Development Studies - Dr. Haroon Akram Lodhi

​Interview with Professor Akram-Lodhi about his research with on aspects of food insecurity and how to create a more sustainable and just food system primarily among smallholder farmer communities in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Download the Transcript of the Interview with Dr. Haroon Akram Lodhi 

Social Work - Dr. Susan Hillock

Interview with Professor Hillock on her work on building a theory, particularly in the area of feminist, structural Social Work and queer theory

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Sociology - Dr. Momin Rahman

Download the Transcript of the Dr. Momin Rahman Interview

Trent Centre for Aging and Society - Dr. Mark Skinner 

Interview with Professor Skinner, director of the Trent Center for Aging and Society, on his work on aging rural societies.

Download the Transcript of the interview with Dr. Mark Skinner

Anthropology - Dr. Rodney Fitzsimons 

Interview with Professor Fitzsimons about his work on the pre-historic Aegean

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