Honorary Appointments

There are four different categories of honorary appointments at Trent University:

  1. Honorary Professor
    • The title of 'Honorary Professor' is conferred by Senate upon recommendation by the Committee on Academic Personnel (COAP). This title is intended for distinguished faculty members who have permanently retired from other universities but who wish to maintain a special relationship with Trent. They may or may not be attached to a specific academic program or department
  2. Adjunct Faculty
    • This title is intended for persons who are academically qualified to participate in the work of the University but who are not permanent employees of Trent University. Normally, they will hold professorial status at Trent in conjunction with external employment. Appointees to this title may perform at either the undergraduate or graduate level. It is expected that such individuals will contribute in a substantive way to the department or program to which they are appointed. 
  3. Research Associates
    • This status is intended for independent scholars such as those holding postdoctoral fellowships or other awards from external agencies, who wish to maintain a temporary association with the University.
  4. Honorary Associates
    • This status is intended for individuals outside Trent in non-academic professions making a significant long-term contribution to the University's academic program, through, e.g. consultancy, occasional guest lectures or seminars, supervision of theses at undergraduate or graduate level, or co-operation on research projects.  

No honorary appointment carries any remuneration and as long as appointments remain purely honorary, no teaching, research, or administrative duties will be required of individuals, and services will be rendered on a voluntary basis. Honorary appointments will not, however, preclude occasional employment on a part-time basis on the usual terms extended to paid part-time members of the faculty. The holders of honorary appointments will be given library privileges, but will not be guaranteed office accommodation, research facilities (apart from library privileges) or secretarial services , these will be negotiated on an ad hoc basis in light of resources available at the time of appointment. 

For more information on Honorary Appointments, please consult the Honorary Appointments Policy issued by the Office of the Provost, and the Policy on Graduate Faculty Appointments issued by Graduate Studies.


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