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2 Students in a lab, wearing white lab coats; the man is looking into a microscope



Certification & Regulatory Compliance 

Trent University is committed to the highest standards of ethical practice in research. Central to the principles that guide research is that it must be conducted in accordance with the highest contemporary ethics standards. The Office of Research manages the approval and monitoring process for the use of humans, animals, and biohazardous materials in research at the University.

Any research project involving human participants, animals, or biohazardous materials, whether it is funded or not, must receive ethics approval from the appropriate university-sanctioned review board prior to the start of the project.

It is the responsibility of the professor as researcher, as thesis supervisor and as lecturer to ascertain whether or not a project requires an ethical review. This may be done by consulting the Certifications and Regulatory Compliance Officer.

Failure to seek ethical review and to comply with recommendations of the relevant ethics review board may be deemed as as misconduct as outlined in the Trent University Policy on Research and Scholarly Misconduct.

Human Research

Animal Care

Bio-safety and Radiation Safety