Partnering With Trent University

Trent University is an open welcoming community to any potential partners. Our world-class researchers, along with our outstanding research, invention and innovation records, have allowed Trent University to form long-standing relationships with communities, not-for-profits, business and industries to help solve real world problems for Canadians and people world-wide. The economic and social value of innovation, invention and knowledge being transferred to communities, entrepreneurs, and industries has been a well-documented fact. Trent University assists this, by providing support for its researchers and partners though several different services. These can be working on a collaborative research project, getting you in contact with the correct researchers or centres, helping access our equipment or analytical services, or helping you connect with students. 

For more information on partnering with Trent University, please contact: John Knight, Manager of Corporate Research Partnerships, (705)748-1011 x. 7374

Core Services

  • Community Engagement/Knowledge Mobilization
    • We support our researchers who wish to participate in joint research with community groups, not-for-profit organizations and the government. Trent University understands the importance of research and knowledge reaching a wide audience, and has provided resources for our researchers to reach these audiences, such as the Virtual Researcher on Call program. By getting this research and knowledge to a wide audience, Trent hopes that it may impact policies and to help improve services and products that will benefit all of society.
  • Industry Engagement
    • In recent years, there has been a staggering increase in the amount of University-Industries partnerships. As a result, Trent University, and the Office of Research, have been facilitating agreements between our researchers and any interested industries. Whether these partnerships are forming with financial support  of NSERC (Industry Research Chairs, Collaborative R&D, Strategic partnership or Engage), Ontario Centre of Excellence programs, Mitacs, Federal or Ontario Ministries and agencies or an industry research contract, the Office of Research is here to help all engaged parties reach an agreement that is beneficial to all. For any questions on researcher expertise please contact the Office of Research. 
  • Commercialization
    • ​Trent has a growing patent portfolio, and the office of research, in conjunction with our partners, work to assist our researchers in assessing the potential impacts of their research outputs, and to find suitable partners, licensees, stakeholders, influencers or investors to implement, develop, commercialize or otherwise advance these outputs and maximize their academic, societal, economic and financial impacts. We also provide education and advice to researchers on all matters related to the creation, protection and commercialization of intellectual property via patents,trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights. 
  • ​Entrepreneurship
    • Start-up enterprises are a welcome addition to local economy bringing new investment and creating jobs in the region. In order to assist these newly growing companies, Trent, working in partnership with the  Innovation Cluster for Peterborough and the Kawarthas, looks to support entrepreneurs and start-up companies by providing them access to resources, education, and space to incubate growing companies. Trent offers the FastStart program to help educate students about the potential of entrepreneurship as a career pathway, connect young entrepreneurs with mentors and professional advisors and provide a variety of other support services. In the near future, Trent, in partnership with the City of Peterborough, will see work begin on the Trent Research and Innovation Park (TRIP). This development will increase the resources and space available to new start-ups. See here for more information on TRIP.
  • Analytical Services
    • Trent has several leading-edge research laboratories. Some of these facilities are available for contract analytical services. Please contact the Office of Research for more information. 
  • Finding an Expert
    • Trent's has expert researchers whose combined grasp of knowledge expands across an extensive spectrum of disciplines. To solicit one of these individuals to provide consulting services, please use our Expert Finder. If you need further assistance, please consult us at the Office of Research

Successful Partnerships

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