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Psychology M.Sc.

The Psychology graduate program at Trent University is a two-year program leading to the degree of Master of Science (MSc)*.  This research intensive program has three distinct fields of study: Health, Developmental, and Cognition/Perception/Neuroscience.  It provides both as a natural stepping stone to doctoral programs and as sound preparation for those seeking careers in health, science or communications-related fields.


Health Psychology is concerned with the psychological, medical, social, cultural and behavioural factors that influence overall health and well-being.  Specific foci within our program include affect regulation, analysis of health care systems, attachment relationships, cross-cultural relations, community and family dynamics, dreams, emotional intelligence, human sexuality, personality and psychopathology, and stress and coping.


Developmental Psychology is a field of study that examines the effect of maturational processes and experiences on behaviour across the lifespan.  Specific foci within our program include the acquisition of language, attachment relationships, community and family dynamics, culture and development, identity formation, and psychosocial functioning both in youth and aging.


Researchers examines how neural and mental processes, constrained both by the body and the environment, enact our behaviour.  Specific foci within our department include cognitive enhancement and dementia, psycholinguistics, number representation, learning and memory, visual cognition, multi sensory perception and action, neural plasticity and mental health, early development and stressor reactivity.

*Students can petition for the degree of Master of Arts (MA).


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