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Premedical Studies

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Premedical Studies

Premedical (Option)

What is the difference between the Medical Professional Stream and the Premedical Option?

The Medical Professional Stream is a limited enrolment program, providing non-academic supports as outlined above.

The Premedical Option is currently under development and will consist of a group of courses with a particular focus on subject matter that is required for entry for many Canadian Medical Schools and/or subject matter in the MCAT and/or courses that provide depth and breadth for a profession in the health services. To be eligible, students must successfully complete the required number of courses for the option and their general/honours program. Students apply for the option during the application to graduate process. The transcripts of students who have done so will contain the notation “with an option in Premedical Studies”.

A student can be enrolled in the Medical Professional Stream, and at the time of graduation, apply for the premedical option if the prescribed courses have been completed.