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Premedical Studies

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Premedical Studies

Medical Professional Stream

Is the Medical Professional Stream (MPS) a degree program?

The Medical Professional Stream (MPS) is a program that complements a student’s undergraduate degree; students are enrolled in the MPS while simultaneously completing their undergraduate degree. This program is not required to obtain an undergraduate degree; but rather is considered “in addition” to an undergraduate degree and non-academic in nature.

Why choose the Medical Professional Stream?

The MPS is designed to assist students with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that will support their pursuit of a professional medical program. Admission to professional medical schools is very competitive. Not only are applicants expected to have a solid academic profile with high grades and stellar MCAT scores (where applicable), the non-academic criteria distinguish successful applicants and are key to demonstrating their suitability to be a doctor.  While a student’s undergraduate degree provides the academic foundation, the Medical Professional Stream provides the non-academic supports.

What kind of supports can I expect to receive in the Medical Professional Stream?

The MPS is a 4-year program that will provide activities, programming and learning experiences that build year-over-year. Students will need to satisfy program requirements to continue each year.

A student in Year 1 can expect:

  • Regular meetings with a program representative;
  • Support for volunteer opportunities and research opportunities;
  • Academic Advising;
  • Autobiographic sketch building;
  • CPR and First Aid Training;
  • Teambuilding;
  • Leadership training;
  • Career exploration;
  • Speaker series from visiting scholars and medical professionals (including Trent alumni)

What degree do I need to take if I want to enrol in the Medical Professional Stream?

Students can take any undergraduate degree at Trent while simultaneously completing the MPS (the Nursing program is not eligible). Choose a program of study that interests you the most, because students do best at what they enjoy! Consider also how your program of study would prepare you for other careers or educational paths.

For example, if you enrol in a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Chemistry or Biomedical Sciences or Bachelor of Art's Degree majoring in Sociology or English, you can also apply to participate in the MPS program. 

Can I do a joint major while enrolled in the Medical Professional Stream?

Yes, students can pursue any combination of joint (double) majors or a major/minor.

Trent’s unique joint major programs allow you to enhance your B.A. or B.Sc. degree by combining programs and courses from across the arts and the sciences, or from our professional programs to create a degree that's uniquely your own.

What courses do I select if I am enrolled in the Medical Professional Stream?

If you are wanting to pursue a joint major, please make sure that your first-year course choices support this. You don't have to declare your major until the end of first year so you just need to be sure to look ahead in your planning so you are taking all the necessary first year courses to support your joint major choice.

While there are no specific courses required for the MPS, you will need to ensure that you are meeting your undergraduate degree requirements - both the general university requirements and your specific program requirements. The Trent University calendar outlines the university degree requirements which all Trent students must meet to qualify for graduation. For example, there is a limit to the number of first year courses which can be counted towards a degree. It is important to do a degree audit with an advisor to make sure you are aware of all of your requirements before your final year.

If you have chosen your major, please refer to the program requirements in the Academic Calendar so you can begin to plan for all the required 1000- level credits.

If you have not chosen a major, do some research on Trent‘s program offerings and consider taking the required introductory courses in a few programs that you find interesting to open multiple pathways for the future.

In any degree, there are required courses and elective courses. The MPS can assist you with looking at the electives within your degree. No matter the degree you intend to graduate with, there will be courses that are considered prerequisites for getting into Medical school and/or courses that assist you in preparing for the MCAT, and/or courses that will provide you with depth and breadth in your studies, providing you with a well-rounded background.

There are great resources to help get you started in selecting and registering your courses

Do I have to declare my major before the Medical Professional Stream starts in September?

No. Students are expected to declare their major by the end of their first year (and further, you can always change your major during your time at Trent). Every student has to chose a major and take all of the required courses for that major, and meet the general University degree requirements.

Can upper year students enrol in the Medical Professional Stream?

We are launching the new Medical Professional Stream this September 2017, and it is geared toward students entering post-secondary for the first time in first year so unfortunately at this time we are not able to accept upper year students. This program is not a degree seeking program, but rather a non-academic program that compliments a student's major. Students not in the program are still able to participate in programs and services that are offered to all Trent students such as academic advising, career guidance and public talks with visiting speakers to name a few.

Current Trent students may be interested in pursuing the Premedical Option.