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Premedical Studies

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Premedical Studies

Premedical (Option)

Looking to apply to med school or another medical professional program post-graduation? Consider specializing your Trent degree further by adding the premedical option. Compliment virtually any B.A or B.Sc. degree with this new emphasis option that will help prepare you for a future in a medical profession by developing a well-rounded skill set; a significant advantage when it comes time to prep for examinations like the MCAT or DAT. Building on Trent's flexible, interdisciplinary academic programs, this emphasis can be added to virtually any Trent degree and students will have the opportunity to choose courses to complete this unique emphasis from across the sciences, social sciences (including Indigenous Studies), arts and humanities, and business and economics.

Here's how it works:

The premedical option consists of a prescribed set of courses with a particular disciplinary focus that can be completed as part of an undergraduate degree. These courses are deemed to provide depth and breadth of study, as well as courses that may contain content in the MCAT.   To be eligible, students must successfully complete the requirements of both the option and the Honours program in which they are enrolled. An option appears on the academic transcript but does not appear on the degree parchment.  No application to participate is required.

The list of prescribed courses can be found on page 386 of the 2018-19 Undergraduate Academic Calendar:  https://www.trentu.ca/registrar/academic-calendar/undergraduate-calendar

For more information on the above program, please contact premedical@trentu.ca