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Premedical Studies

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Premedical Studies

Medical Professional Stream

New for 2017

The new Medical Professional Stream is a unique program designed for students striving to pursue a medical professional program such as dentistry, medicine, veterinary or pharmacy upon graduating from Trent with an undergraduate degree. This stream is designed to give you a unique advantage by providing you with non-academic supports that will best prepare you to complete professional program examinations, applications and interviews.

The Medical Professional Stream program will complement your Trent degree. The Medical Professional Stream provides non-academic supports for students who want to pursue a professional medical program after completing their undergraduate degree.  The Stream will provide such supports as academic advising, MCAT prep, one on one mentorship and support for volunteer opportunities.  As you participate in this program, you will be simultaneously completing your degree requirements.  

If you have chosen your major, please refer to the program requirements in the Academic Calendar so you can begin to plan for all of the required 1000- level credits.

If you have not chosen a major, do some research on Trent‘s program offerings and consider taking the required introductory courses in a few programs that you find interesting to open multiple pathways for the future.  

In any degree, there are required courses and elective courses.  We can assist you with looking at the electives within your degree.  No matter the degree you intend to graduate with, there will be courses that are considered prerequisites for getting into Medical school and/or, courses that assist you in preparing for the MCAT, and/or courses that will provide you with depth and breadth in your studies, providing you with a well-rounded background.