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Premedical Studies

4 doctors are sitting by microscopes one doctor is looking up at the camera smiling

Premedical Studies


Choose Your Degree: Medical Schools are Looking for Grads of All Programs 

At Trent, we pride ourselves on a strong tradition of helping students build a comprehensive framework in both the arts and sciences that provides a unique advantage when applying to medical school and other professional programs. One of the biggest myths about applying to medical schools is that a science degree is required for acceptance. This is false. In fact, it’s highly recommended for you to pursue a degree in the subject that interests you most. Medical schools in Ontario are seeking students from diverse backgrounds and in most cases do not give preference based on an applicant’s academic program, as long as the prerequisites for eligibility are met.

Medicine requires individuals with strong backgrounds in the physical sciences and life sciences, as well as the social sciences and humanities. Each professional school has their own set of requirements, looking at a combination of factors such as:

  • GPA
  • MCAT Score
  • Autobiographical sketch
  • Letters of Reference
  • Achievements in leadership, research and social responsibility, including awards, conference presentations, publications and scholarships