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Premedical Studies

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Premedical Studies

Dr. David Ellis

Dr. David A. Ellis: 

Program Coordinator, Trent's Medical Professional Stream
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Director of the Centre for Environmental Modelling
Chemistry, Adjunct Faculty of Environmental & Life Sciences Graduate Program and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Queen's University


B.Sc. Honours Glasgow
M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry Aberdeen
M.Sc. Synthetic Organic Chemistry Toronto
Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Chemistry Toronto

Research Interests:

My research interests lie mainly in understanding the role that fluorine imparts upon the fundamental nature of an organic compound and how this in turn effects the dissemination of the material within the environment.  Fluorinated materials posses a rich and diverse chemistry, and the study of the environmental implications of these unique chemical aspects is currently in its infancy:  http://www.trentu.ca/academic/aminss/envmodel/dellis.html