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Enwayaang: A Night of Extraordinary Ideas Hosted at Gzowski College

A series of mini-lectures from a few of Trent’s most engaging professors

Enwayaang – a word that translates from Anishinaabemowin as “the way we speak together” – is a fitting name for a recent event at Trent that showcased how all ideas and disciplines are connected. Peter Gzowski College hosted several student-nominated professors from a variety of departments who delivered a series of engaging short talks to an audience of students, faculty, and members of the public.

The evening’s MCs, Dr. Dawn Lavell-Harvard, and Dr. Melanie Buddle, principal of Gzowski College, welcomed guests, and explained that the speakers in the Enwayaang event are nominated by students. Dr. Lavell-Harvard introduced the first speaker, Dr. Theresa Stotesbury from the Forensic Science department, who began the night with a talk about how Forensics Science is continually changing as new technology comes into play and older methods get phased out. Dr. Paul Frost from the Biology department was up next with a talk about how in the age of evidence it is harder to know if something is true or not true.  Dr. Amanda Bryant from the Philosophy department delivered a talk about how philosophy and science are really intertwined and all of science’s biggest questions are philosophy’s biggest questions too.

“The Enwayaang event showcases exactly what the colleges are about: academics speaking together and finding new connections between disciplines, and audiences of students, staff, faculty and community members gathering to learn, listen, and also speak together and think about our worlds, large and small,” said Dr. Buddle

Questions from the audience spurred some riveting answers from the panellists that had everyone thinking.

Dr. Janette Platana from the English department started off the second panel with a captivating talk about how it is okay to be punk, since everyone is secretly punk. Dr. Elizabeth Russell from the Psychology department spoke on aging in rural and small towns and how all of us, including our government can do more for our aging population. The final speaker for the night, Dr. Sheldene Simola from the School of Business department spoke about the value of self-compassion and courage in a world where we are often plagued with self-doubt. The evening ended on a note of hope for the future, and a sense that all of us can speak and learn from each other, no matter what our academic backgrounds are.   

The annual pan-collegiate event, sponsored by all the Colleges, is hosted by Gzowski College. 

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Posted on January 31, 2019