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Commemorating Student Achievement in the Humanities

Winners of annual James Middleton Essay Prize in Humanities celebrated at special event

A final hurrah before they enter the classroom as teachers, fourth-year concurrent education students Julie Hockridge and Emily Frost certainly know how to kick off their final year at Trent University. Ms. Hockridge and Ms. Frost are this year’s winners of the James Middleton Essay Prize in Humanities.

The James Middleton Essay Prize in Humanities was established in 2004 as a way to appreciate the humanities as the core of professional studies. The prize recognizes the top two essays by second or third-year students in the humanities, alternating each year between History and English Literature, and Philosophy and Ancient History and Classics. This year the prize was presented to students from the departments of History and English Literature.

A special luncheon and award ceremony was hosted recently at Alumni House to honour this year’s winners. The ceremony offered the opportunity for prizewinners, friends, family, and department heads to come together in celebration of student achievement and strong academic discourse.

“As a student studying English Literature, this award has encouraged my love of writing,” explains Ms. Frost, whose essay Memory and Myth: Unraveling the Past in Margaret Laurence’s A Bird in the House and Alistair MacLeod’s As Birds Bring Forth the Sun, took the prize for English Literature. “The recognition of hard work and passion that accompanies such a generous and respected award is an honour.”

This year the prize has additional meaning for both Ms. Frost and Ms. Hockridge as the prizewinners have been good friends since their first year at Trent University and motivated each other to submit their winning essays.
“Sharing the experience with a good friend further enhanced a wonderful event, and I am so happy to succeed together in doing what we love.”

Posted on October 28, 2016