Parking Tips & LPR

Helpful Tips for Parking at the Symons Campus

  • ​​Due to unprecedented demand on the East Bank, the hardest time to find parking is at class change (10 minutes to the hour). To help avoid the rush, come early or go directly to the West Bank and park.
  • Check out our interactive map to help plan your route.
  • Overnight Parking is only permitted in Lot P on the West Bank to facilitate snow removal. 
  • A Regular Parking Permit allows you to park on the both sides of the campus and access to 18 parking lots. If the lot is full you must park in the next available lot. Parking is not permitted on the shoulder of the roadway or grass area 
  • To avoid morning traffic congestion on West Bank Drive, it may be fast to enter via Woodland Drive

How to update your vehicle information on your account:

1.    Log in to our Parking Portal to manage your account

2.    Enter your username and password

3.    You will see a tab called “Vehicles” , select tab. A disclaimer will appear, select “I agree”.

4.    From here you can add a new vehicle or edit your existing ones.  You can not change your licence plate number.  If the vehicle is still the same but you have new plates, you will have to add a new vehicle and make the old one “inactive”.

*When selecting your plate type please select “Passenger” unless you require a different plate type such as Motorcycle or Dealership.  

Once this is complete, your vehicle is safe for Licence Plate Recognition parking in your eligible zones.

​How to Pay a Parking Ticket online Anonymously: 

1. Click on this link for the steps to pay a ticket online anonymously without having to create an account. Anonymous Payment

What is LPR?

LPR, Licence Plate Recognition technology uses optical character recognition to automatically read license plate characters. Trent will be operating mobile LPR, which uses vehicle-mounted cameras to verify plates in all campus lots.

LPR will increase the accuracy of identifying unauthorized or unregistered vehicles parked on campus. This new technology automates the process and notifies parking staff of unauthorized vehicles.

The addition of LPR technology, Parking Services has upgraded all pay and display machines to a touch screen which includes pay by plate that relays back to the LPR software. This means you will not have to display your pay and slip in your vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions:​

What is Licence Plate Recognition?

·        Licence Plate Recognition is state of the art parking technology that uses optical character recognition to automatically read license plate characters.  Western will be operating mobile LPR, which uses vehicle-mounted cameras to verify plates in all campus lots.

Why is Trent using LPR?

·        With the increased volume of vehicles on campus it’s important for us to protect the space of paying permit holders.  This new technology allows us to scan the campus quickly and effectively multiple times a day. 

Why do I need to update the vehicle and licence plate information on my account?

·        License plate recognition relies on information about your vehicle to ensure that the vehicle matches the permit being used. 

Will I need to display my physical hang tag?

·        No, by moving to LPR we can be paper free. This includes our pay and display machines. 

What do I do about loaner or rental vehicles?

·        Loaner and rental vehicles need to be added to your account and linked to your permit.  Once you return your loaned or rented vehicle, you can log back into your account and remove the vehicle. 

Are the images scanned by the camera saved?

·        No, the images are not saved.  Photos are taken by Trent Parking Enforcement Representatives if a citation is written but no images are saved using LPR.