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Final Exams

Does my online course have a final exam?

To learn if your online course has a final exam:

  • Check your course outline or syllabus, or
  • Contact your course instructor to confirm.

Where can I write my final exam?

If you’re in an online course with a proctored final exam, you have the option to write at:

  • Peterborough Campus
  • Durham Campus
  • Peterborough or Durham Centre for Academic Testing (only available to students registered with Trent’s Student Accessibility Services)
  • George Brown College (only available to Trent-GBC Nursing students) 
  • Online on your computer with our remote proctoring service B-Virtual

How do I declare where I want to write my proctored final exam(s)?

At the beginning of an online course, Trent Online sends each student an email to their Trent student email account asking them to declare where they’d like to write their proctored final exam(s).   To access the exam location declaration form:

  1. Login to your myTrent student portal;
  2. Select the Academics tab at the top right-hand corner of the page;
  3. Under Exams, click on the pencil icon called "Web Course Exam Location Preference";
  4. Review the important exam details on the page and then select the location where you’d like to write each of your proctored final exams.

 What is B-Virtual Online Remote Proctoring?

B-Virtual is an online proctoring company that delivers exams to students with the flexibility of web technology and the enhanced security of a live online proctor at no cost to the student. B-Virtual online proctors monitor students writing exams by remotely connecting to the student’s webcam and microphone on their computer. In order to write proctored final exams online with B-Virtual, students must have access to:

  • A private and comfortable location of their choice to write the exam;
  • A computer with a working webcam and microphone; and,
  • A stable internet connection.

You can also find more information on how remote proctoring works by visiting the B-Virtual website.    

How do I arrange my B-Virtual online exam?

Trent Online is responsible for the organization and scheduling of B-Virtual online exams. They are not arranged by the Trent’s exam scheduling team and once booked, B-Virtual online exams will not appear in the exam schedule released by the Registrar’s Office. B-Virtual online exams are scheduled for the same day that in-person exams for the same course are written at the Peterborough campus. In order to arrange to write your proctored final exam online with B-Virtual you must:

  1. Complete the “Web Course Exam Location Preference” to declare to Trent Online that you would like to write your final proctored exam(s) online. 
  2. Check your Trent student email until you receive a memo from Trent Online asking you to Book Your Online B-Virtual Exam     
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to access the B-Virtual online exam booking website in order to book an appointment timeslot to write your exam(s). Once your exam(s) are booked, you will receive an email from B-Virtual confirming your appointment time(s).

A video walkthrough on How to Schedule Your B-Virtual Online Exam is available to help students with the scheduling of B-Virtual online exams.

 What will I experience during my B-Virtual online exam?

B-Virtual online proctors monitor students writing exams by remotely connecting to the student’s webcam and microphone on their computer. Once the student connects with their proctor and before the exam begins, the proctor will introduce themselves to the student, provide them with important information, and ask them a series of questions to verify that they can begin the exam. For example:

  • Verifying all required applications are closed.
  • Sharing emergency contact information in the event the exam is disconnected.
  • Checking copy and paste functions to ensure exam authenticity.
  • Verifying the student has valid government-issued photo identification.
  • Confirming the name of the exam.
  • Sharing a list of items not permitted during the exam.
  • Verifying the student’s workspace is clear except for approved items identified by the course instructor/faculty.

Once the exam is complete and submitted, the proctor will:

  • Ask if the students have any questions about their exam or online proctoring experience.
  • Witness the student destroy any scrap paper used in the exam (if permitted).
  • Re-check the student’s copy and paste functions.
  • Ask the student to complete a user experience survey. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the student experience during B-Virtual online exams, watch this video from B-Virtual.

What if I experience technical issues during my B-Virtual online exam?

B-Virtual provides 24/7 live technical support for students. If students run into any technical issues during their online exam, they may call the 24/7 hotline at 1-877-238-0245. Students should also contact Trent Online by email at online@trentu.ca or by calling our toll-free phone number 1-866-383-3244 if any issues arise during the exam.     

Questions about final exams?

If you have any questions about final exams for online courses at Trent University, please do not hesitate to visit our office at the Peterborough Campus in Otonabee College room 206 or contact us at:

  • Office line: (705) 748-1011 ext. 1025
  • Toll-free: 1-866-383-3244
  • Email: online@trentu.ca