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Trent/Fleming School of Nursing

Mask Fit Testing

Every 24 months students are required to go through a mask-fit test.  These tests help to identify the appropriate mask that students will require in their clinical practice.  This is an extremely important test that will help ensure the safety of you and the patient.

Mask Fit Testing George Brown Campus

ParaMed offers Mask Fit Testing (by appointment only)

480 University Ave. Unit #708

Toronto, ON

Tel # 416-977-5008

Cost: approx. $40.00, verify cost with ParaMed

Mask Fit Testing Peterborough Campus 

1. The complete online video, health screening form, and quiz (instructions below).

2. Bring payment to the main nursing office, LHS C140.

Cost: $35.00 (cash, debit, or student card)

3. Sign up for the testing date (dates coming soon)

4. Attend test date. Be sure to follow the N 95 Respirator Fit instructions for the day of the test (instructions below). Bring completed "Respirator Mask Fit Testing Form" and completed Quiz Certificate to your Mask Fit session.

Instructions to Complete the Assessment, Video and Quiz

  1. Login into myTrent and select the icon titled "Blackboard". 
  2. Under courses, select "TFSON Intranet".
  3. From the menu on the left hand side select "Non-Academic Requirements".
  4. Select the "Mask Fit Testing" folder.
  5. Select the video "NURS – Mask Fit Presentation"
  6. After viewing the presentation, return to the Mask Fit Testing folder, select and complete the "Mask Fit Testing Quiz".  You will need to repeat the Quiz until you score 10/10.
  7. Return to the "Mast Fit Testing" and print off the certificate found in the "Mask-Fit Certificate of Completion" folder. 
  8. Return to the "Mask Fit Testing" folder and select the assessment form titled "Mask Fit Testing Health Screening Tool".  Print and complete this form.
  9. Bring payment to the main nursing office, LHS C140.
  10. Once step nine is completed proceed to registration instructions.