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Trent/Fleming School of Nursing

an student standing in front of a blackboard full of physics and Math formulas.

Trent/Fleming School of Nursing

Math Review

Students in the program will be learning about drug calculations in the first term of first year. Calculating drug doses accurately is very important. To prepare for this work, it would be beneficial to make sure that students can perform division and multiplication without a calculator. Students would also benefit from a review of how to convert between pounds and kilograms, as well as work back and forth between expressing millilitres (mL) and litres (L) in volumes, kilograms (kg) and grams (g) in weight, and centimetres (cm) and millimetres (mm) in length. Below are some sites to review some of these concepts along with a few practice tests to indicate the basic ideas that will be built on to learn drug calculations.

Multiplication and Division

Ratios and Proportions


Essential Fractions

Practice Tests

»Download Practice Test 1

»Download Practice Test 2

»Download Practice Test 3

»Download Answers Test 1,2 and 3