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Trent/Fleming School of Nursing

Dean of nursing and students in lab.

Trent/Fleming School of Nursing


Lab guides are provided for students at the start of the semester highlighting what each lab's learning objectives are and any preparation that students must complete prior to attending lab. In preparation for labs, students must complete the readings, watch the videos and complete any worksheets, or quizzes that are provided in their lab guides. 

Instructions for Missed Trent Simulation Hub Activities

Attendance at clinical learning centre sessions, orientation to clinical practice, and clinical practice is mandatory. Failure to attend learning centre sessions or clinical practice may result in a failing grade. Failure to attend clinical orientation will result in the student being removed from the clinical practice course and any related classroom co-requisites, for that term.

If a student is unable to make a clinical learning centre lab the student must notify their clinical instructor, Trent Simulation Hub demonstrator, and the course lead providing the reason for the missed lab. Following a missed lab/SIM or Clinical day, students will be required to complete a proficiency plan to recoup lost learning opportunity.   

The Gaumard Family 

Hal, pictured on the left is a high fidelity simulator, able to blink and speak. Hal allows you to take his pulse, as well as listen to lung and heart sounds. Noelle, his wife is a high fidelity birthing simulator. At the touch of a button she can give birth to a child, with settings allowing you to change the duration and effects of the birth. Hal and Noelle have a beautiful baby named Trent that is perfect for newborn head to toe assessments. The Gaumard family provides students with hands on experiences of real life situations that they may face in clinical experiences.