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Trent/Fleming School of Nursing

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Trent/Fleming School of Nursing

First Year Supplies

Uniforms: Students will need to wear Trent/Fleming School of Nursing uniforms to all labs and clinical placements. The uniform includes scrubs, year badges, clinical ID badge, non-porous white shoes.

Scrubs and year badges can be purchased at the school at the beginning of the year. There will be a date in September in which students can try on scrubs and purchase them at the school however if students would like to purchase their scrubs beforehand they can contact Heather at Scrubs n’ Stuff (705) 740-0211. Alternatively, if visiting the campus students can stop by the main office for sample sizes and call Scrubs n' Stuff to place their order. 

Clinical ID badges will be distributed to students at clinical orientation for their first clinical placement. 

Closed-toe and closed-heel shoes are required for infection control and safety purposes. Shoes must be white and non-porous. Coloured soles are acceptable. Shoes can be sourced at the students' discretion, one possible place to check is Scrubs n' Stuff.

Stethoscope: If students wish to have their own stethoscope they may purchase one. Students should look for one that has both a diaphragm and a bell. A medical supply store or the Trent and Fleming bookstores carry stethoscopes. 

Lock: Students should purchase their own lock as lockers are provided for students to keep their belongings in during lab sessions. 

Textbooks: Students will be provided with a list of books they will need for each course inside of their course syllabus. The syllabus will include required course books as well as additional resources or books that may be beneficial to the students learning. The school will also create a package of textbooks that students will need for their first year, many of these books will be re-used throughout the course of the students' studies. Books can be purchased at the Trent Bookstore (http://www.bkstr.com/trentstore/home). 

For students in the post-RPN Bridge to BScN program, you can purchase textbook through your on-campus bookstore (https://coned.georgebrown.ca/student-resources/campus-bookstores-and-com...).  You book list will be available later in the summer.

Book List Information for Student Attending the Peterborough Campus

Students will be required to purchase these NURS 1000 level books, however, they are provided to students at a discounted price in a package through the Trent University bookstore: 

  • Lehne’s Pharmacology for Nursing Care: Barchum, Jacqueline
  • Calculate with Confidence, Canadian Edition: Gray Morris, Deborah
  • Health Assessment Online for Physical Examination and Health Assessment (User Guide and Access Code): Jarvis, Carolyn
  • Physical Examination and Health Assessment- Canadian: Jarvis, Carolyn
  • Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing: Potter, Patricia
  • Nursing Skills online 3.0 for Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing (User Guide and Access Code): Potter, Patricia
  • Ebersole and Hess’ Geronotological Nursing and Healthy Aging, Canadian Edition: Touhy, Theris

Students will also need to purchase the following book as they will not be included in the package: 

  • Microbiology and Infection Prevention and control for Nursing students: Ward, Deborah 
  • Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies- 4th Canadian Edition: Sizer, Whitney & Piche - Students should wait to purchase this from the bookstore as an online software will also be needed. 

It is important for students to also access the Trent University Bookstore 

For books they will need for BIOL 1050, BIOL 1051, PSYC 1020, PSYC 1030, and any electives they are also taking.