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Trent/Fleming School of Nursing

Nursing student hanging IV bag

Trent/Fleming School of Nursing

Year 3

NURS 3020H: Clinical Practice Focused on Acute Care:

NURS 3020H is a group practice in medical or surgical inpatient setting focused on the adult with acute illness. Supported by Learning Centre activities relevant to acute care practice, including medication administration, sterile procedures, IV starts, IV pumps, mock codes, and assessment (abdominal, glycemic status, neurological, pre-operative, post-operative, respiratory).  Students will commonly have two, 8 hours shifts per week with one 2 hour session per week in the Clinical Learning Centre.  Students are commonly placed in settings such as cardiology, general surgery, etc.

NURS 3021H: Clinical Practice Focused on Chronic Disease Management:

NURS 3021H is a group practice in a hospital setting focused on chronic disease or palliative treatment. Practice settings: complex continuing care medicine, rehabilitation, palliative care, high acuity long-term care. Learning Centre activities include medication administration, VAC treatments, feeding pumps, patient-controlled pumps, and assessment of consciousness, orientation, and pain.  Students will often have two, 8-hour shifts per week (compressed students will have two, 12-hour shifts in a compressed semester) with one, 2-hour session (compressed students will have two, 2-hour sessions per week) in the Clinical Learning Centre.