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Trent/Fleming School of Nursing

Nursing student hanging IV bag

Trent/Fleming School of Nursing

Year 2

NURS 2020H: Community Based Nursing Practice: 

NURS 2020H is a practice course involving an independent placement in a community setting (public health, clinics, agencies, schools). The student explores a specific topic of interest related to health promotion or population health. Supported by Learning Centre activities relevant to practice in the community including interviewing skills, immunization, and assessment (developmental, mental health, sexual).  Students will often spend two 8 hour shifts per week with a placement agency and one 1 hour seminar a week with their clinical faculty instructor working to develop a project for their agency. 
Some students past projects have included:

  • Health promotion through patient education at Youth Emergency Shelter 
  • Sun protection and dehydration in Honduras 

​NURS 2021H: Family-Focused Practice: 

NURS 2021H is a group practice in a setting focused on families dealing with health transitions. Settings may include mental health, public health, or maternal/ child. Supported by Learning Centre activities relevant to family-focused practice, including breastfeeding support, sexual health counselling, and assessment (cultural, prenatal, postnatal, and neonatal).  Often students will spend one, 12-hour shift per week with the placement agency in either a maternal/child setting such as the postpartum or mother-baby unit in the hospital or in an inpatient mental health unit.