Dr. Graham Cogley


Phone: 705-748-1011 ext. 7686


Dr. Graham Cogley is a professor in the Geography Department at Trent University. He completed his first degree at Oxford before going to McMaster University for his M.Sc. and Ph. D. While Dr. Cogley has not undertaken field work in the North for the past 30 years, he is responsible for Trent's long-term monitoring of glaciers, in particular White Glacier and Baby Glacier at Expedition Fiord, in west-central Axel Heiberg Island in Nunavut. This program began in 1959 and Trent has been the lead institution since 1983, with Miles Ecclestone and a team of undergraduate students conducting yearly field work. Dr. Cogley's interest is focussed on the mass balance of circum-Arctic glaciers in a global context. In addition to his professorship at Trent, Dr. Cogley is a lead author for the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report in Chapter 3 of Working Group II: Freshwater Resources: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, with special responsibility for cryospheric water resources. Dr. Cogley became interested in the North upon beginning his M.Sc. in 1969, when he discovered that his thesis advisor would be Brian McCann, a coastal geomorphologist with special interests in cold-climate geomorphic processes.