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Why I Chose a Joint Program: A First Year Student's Perspective

Written by: Scott Gardner, first-year Journalism student

Why I Chose a Joint Program: A First Year Student's Perspective
Why I Chose a Joint Program: A First Year Student's Perspective

The college vs. university debate is an ongoing and infamous argument. It also happens to be one that, in my opinion, is without merit. The misconception is that one schooling system is superior to the other simply isn’t true – both post-secondary paths have their advantages and disadvantages.

So then comes the question we all face: degree or diploma? Well why not have both? Programs that offer both a university degree and a college diploma are becoming more and more popular. These joint programs are popping up all over as universities and colleges around Canada team up to deliver the best education options to all students. The name of the game for these programs is flexibility – to have more choice in what you study. Joint programs are far and away one of the most inclusive and well-rounded options for university students and Trent University has some of the most accommodating programs out there. How do I know? Because I am a student in a joint program, that’s how.

I dream of one day becoming a journalist. Journalism is a field which requires a very distinct skill set. One needs a vast range of knowledge, a basic understanding in a diversity of disciplines. But also, like so many things, experience is of unprecedented value. So I asked myself, degree or diploma? For me, a university degree alone simply wouldn’t suffice, nor would a college diploma, I needed both. But getting both? That was a challenge my mind, and my wallet, were not ready to undertake. Queue the magic of Trent-Loyalist joint journalism program. In four years I will receive a degree from Trent University and a diploma from Loyalist College. Think about that, seven years of education packed into four years! That’s setting me up to enter the working world and pursue my aspirations three years early. An unbelievable opportunity. Even as offers of admission from other universities came in, none could match the chance that Trent was giving me. The chance to succeed and succeed immediately.

Like I said, in order for any joint program to be successful it needs to be flexible and accommodating for students. That’s the whole idea. The programs Trent offers are second to none in the support and openness students receive. Faculty and staff are always ready to answer questions, and committed to you getting what you desire from joint programs, the best of both worlds, degree and diploma.

Trent doesn’t stop with joint programs though. There are also so many options to pursue joint majors in practically every discipline and program. The possibilities are endless and allow student to pursue two separate passions all in one degree!

Take it from me, someone who has seen it in action, joint programs and joint majors allow students more options to really study what they want to study, and be successful at it. That is education in its purest form, and once again Trent is setting a shining example.           

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

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