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Becki RodinAidan LumleyTrent University is proud to announce that Becki Rodin is the Riley's-Junction female Athlete of the Week for the week of November 21. Ms. Rodin plays the setter position, and is a graduate of St. Peter's High school.

This past weekend in Sudbury, Becki compiled 9 kills, 2 blocks and 6 aces. Ms. Rodin hails from Peterborough, Ontario and is a fourth year English student.

Trent University is proud to announce that Aidan Lumley is the Riley's-Junction male Athlete of the Week for the week of November 21st. Mr. Lumley is a member of the Trent swim team and recently competed at the University of Western Ontario Open.

Aidan's time of 1:13.20 in the 100m breast stroke qualified him for the Ontario Senior Swimming Championships. Mr. Lumley hails from Toronto, Ontario and is a third year physics student.

Trent Men Earn Volleyball Victory

Barrie, On- The Trent University men's and women's volleyball teams travelled to Barrie to play the Georgian Grizzlies in OCAA league play, on Wednesday, November 23.

In the first game of the night the Trent women were looking to avenge the loss suffered in the Fleming Invitational finals against the Georgian Grizzlies.

However Georgian came out strong and proved to be too much for Trent as they handed the Excalibur a 3-0 loss (13-25, 18-25, 14-25).

"We just didn't play up to our capabilities tonight, Georgian is a very improved team this year but it was still a disappointing loss," said Assistant Coach Adam Ruck.

In the men's game, Georgian got out to an early start as they won the first set by a score of 25-17. However Trent stormed back to win the next two sets and won the match by a score of 3-2 (17-25, 28-26, 25-23, 21-25, 15-11).

"This was a nice win for us, our team has been working hard and they really stepped it up tonight," said Head Coach Mike Halloran. The Trent volleyball teams will play at Sir Sanford Fleming College on December 1 at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Volleyball Earns Split in Sudbury

Sudbury, ON- The Trent University men's and women's volleyball teams each earned a split in Sudbury on the weekend. On Friday night, the men's team suffered a 3-0 (22-25, 14-25, 23-25) loss to Cambrian College. The Trent women also lost by a score of 3-0 (15-25, 14-25, 23-25).

"Friday was a tough day for both Trent teams. Cambrian is a top volleyball school and we didn't play as well as we could have," said Trent women's Assistant Coach Adam Ruck.

On Saturday, the Trent women easily defeated College Boreal by a score of 3-0. In the men's game, Trent won by a score of 3-1.

"On Saturday both of our team's came to play. The women played a very strong game, while the men were tested early but pulled through with an important win," added Coach Ruck. The Trent volleyball teams travel to Barrie, Wednesday, November 23, to play the Georgian Grizzlies.

Breast Strokers Make Waves at London

Laura MartinLondon, ON- It was two breast stroke specialists leading the way for Trent University at the University of Western Ontario swim meet, on Sunday, November 20. Second-year student athlete Laura Martin broke her own school records in both the 100m and 200m breast stroke. Ms. Martin finished in seventh place in the 200m breast (2:48.24) and in 10th place in the 100m breast (1:19.32).

In the men's 100m breast, third-year student athlete Aiden Lumley finished in 11th place with a time of 1:13.20. Mr. Lumley's time qualified him for the senior men's provincial championships.

"Laura and Aiden performed well. Laura continues to improve and is now closing in on the CIS qualifying time. Aiden swam a very technically strong race," said Trent University Head Coach Sean Dwyer.

Aiden LumleyTrent Swim Club
"Excellence by Choice"
The Eynon Division Championships 19-Nov-05 to 20-Nov-05 SC Meters
Trent University [TRE] Coach: Sean Dwyer

Female Open 200 Free
8, A 'TRE' (Erin Appelman, Ellen Mihailovich, Shannan Andrews, Kathleen Good), 2:05.87.
Male Open 200 Free
9, A 'TRE' (Anthony Ferri, Aidan Lumley, Matthew White, Ct Chen), 1:47.94.
Female Open 50 Back
7, Madder, Jessica, TRE, 33.60S.
Male Open 50 Back
9, White, Matthew, TRE, 30.74S.
Female Open 200 Free
20, Good, Kathleen, TRE, 2:32.67S. 22, Mihailovich, Ellen, TRE, 2:34.14S.
Female Open 100 Fly
15, Andrews, Shannan, TRE, 1:12.60S. 18, Appelman, Erin, TRE, 1:13.78S.
Female Open 100 Breast
10, Martin, Laura, TRE, 1:19.32S. 15, Madder, Jessica, TRE, 1:23.81S. 20,
Hlapcic, Katie, TRE, 1:26.68S. 23, Horel, Julia, TRE, 1:33.49S.
Male Open 100 Breast
11, Lumley, Aidan, TRE, 1:13.20S. 13, Ferri, Anthony, TRE, 1:15.67S. 18, Chen, CT, TRE, 1:21.89S.
Female Open 200 Back
17, Madder, Jessica, TRE, 2:42.54S.
Male Open 200 Back
12, White, Matthew, TRE, 2:25.63S.
Female Open 50 Free
26, Mihailovich, Ellen, TRE, 31.64S. 27, Good, Kathleen, TRE, 31.81S. 28, Andrews, Shannan, TRE, 31.82S. 31, Hlapcic, Katie, TRE, 32.36S. 32, Martin, Laura, TRE, 33.12S. 36, Horel, Julia, TRE, 34.14S.
Male Open 50 Free
8, Ferri, Anthony, TRE, 25.67S. 16, Lumley, Aidan, TRE, 26.82S. 26, Chen, CT, TRE, 30.73S.
Female Open 800 Free
13, Appelman, Erin, TRE, 10:26.47S.
Female Open 200 Medley
9, A 'TRE' (Jessica Madder, Laura Martin, Shannan Andrews, Erin Appelman), 2:14.87. 12, B 'TRE' (Kathleen Good, Katie Hlapcic, Julia Horel, Ellen Mihailovich), 2:27.53.
Male Open 200 Medley
9, A 'TRE' (Matthew White, Aidan Lumley, Anthony Ferri, Ct Chen), 2:03.11.
Female Open 200 IM
17, Appelman, Erin, TRE, 2:41.98S. 20, Madder, Jessica, TRE, 2:45.59S. 24, Andrews, Shannan, TRE, 2:47.62S.
Female Open 100 Free
25, Good, Kathleen, TRE, 1:09.82S. 27, Mihailovich, Ellen, TRE, 1:11.05S. 28, Hlapcic, Katie, TRE, 1:11.16S.
Male Open 100 Free
12, Ferri, Anthony, TRE, 57.04S. 29, Chen, CT, TRE, 1:09.70S.
Female Open 200 Breast
7, Martin, Laura, TRE, 2:48.24S. 19, Horel, Julia, TRE, 3:23.28S.
Male Open 200 Breast
9, Lumley, Aidan, TRE, 2:49.35S.
Female Open 100 Back
20, Good, Kathleen, TRE, 1:22.52S.
Male Open 100 Back
13, White, Matthew, TRE, 1:05.89S.
Female Open 50 Fly
15, Appelman, Erin, TRE, 33.42S. 16, Andrews, Shannan, TRE, 33.52S.
Female Open 50 Breast
9, Martin, Laura, TRE, 37.41S. 16, Hlapcic, Katie, TRE, 40.33S. 17, Horel, Julia, TRE, 41.53S. 20, Mihailovich, Ellen, TRE, 44.90S.
Male Open 50 Breast
7, Lumley, Aidan, TRE, 33.00S. 11, White, Matthew, TRE, 37.08S. 13, Chen, CT, TRE, 37.61S.
Male Open 400 Free
17, Ferri, Anthony, TRE, 4:45.62S.

Posted November 22, 2005


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