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June 27, 2002


Preliminary enrolment reports show acceptances of
Trent admission offers up 44 %

Fundraising Report

The Board was advised that the PSB Wilson Fund was progressing and that the total funds raised since June 27, 2002 stand at $109,301. To date, over 161 donors have contributed to the fund. It was also noted that a Fundraising Council would be formed this summer as an outcome of a recent Development Office staff retreat.

Enrolment Forecast

Graham Taylor, Vice President, Academic noted that data on acceptances of offers of admission from Trent University were well ahead of provincial increases. Acceptances refer to applicants' acceptance of offers made by Trent University and other universities.

Highlights of the preliminary enrollment information for June 22, 2002 indicate that:

  • Acceptances of offers from Trent University are up 44 per cent (the highest acceptance rate in Ontario)
  • First choice applications to Trent University have increased 50 per cent (Ontario average is up 10 per cent)
  • Second choice applications to Trent University have increased by 40 per cent (Ontario average is up 17 per cent)

It was stressed that the acceptance numbers are preliminary information only and that continued efforts will focus on converting applicants to registered students for this September.

Human Rights Report

The Board received the Annual Report from the university's Human Rights Advisor. The report noted that 37 requests for assistance were received in the past year and that the vast majority of requests did not fall within the legal definition of 'discrimination or harassment' as defined in university policy. In her report, the advisor stressed that, "This is a positive reflection on the university."

Occupational Health and Safety Report

The Annual Occupational Health and Safety Report was presented. The report highlighted the work of the committee in the past year, WHMIS training, Workplace Safety and Insurance, and Hazardous Waste Management. The report noted how full time responsibility for Health and Safety has now been assigned to one of the Human Resources Advisor roles, thereby improving the overall coordination of Health and Safety activities.

President's Report

The President welcomed new members present at the meeting. She reviewed initiatives contained in the recent provincial budget including:

  • the adoption of full average cost funding for additional growth for the next three years;
  • another round of the SuperBuild program which will see proposals approved this fall;
  • new investments in the Ontario Research Development Challenge Fund ($250 million), the Ontario Innovation Trust ($300 million) and the Research Performance Fund ($200 million annually for five years);
  • $50 million for Collaborative Nursing programs;
  • and a new commitment to the Ontario Student Opportunities Trust Fund with a focus this fiscal year on consultations and the development of guidelines for the program implementation.

The President provided an update on discussions with partners about the "Peterborough DNA Cluster" proposal being led by the Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation in partnership with Trent University and public and private sector partners. The proposal will see the DNA Cluster as a primary tenant of a new Research and Development facility planned for the university.

Board Objectives

The Board of Governors reviewed its progress on objectives for the 2001-02 year and received a preliminary listing of objectives for the 2002-03 year for future discussion. The preliminary list includes: UOIT relationship; institutional advocacy; input to strategic planning; fundraising; and completing the review of property policies.

Contract Approvals - Summer 2002

A process to approve contracts during the summer of 2002, when the Board does not regularly meet, was approved. The process will involve a joint meeting of the Executive and Finance and Property Committees, with all Board members invited to attend. The meeting will be scheduled based on the availability of at least four members of the Executive Committee.

Privacy Commissioner's Report

The Board received a report from the university's Privacy Commissioner confirming that no complaints had been submitted.

Retiring Board Members

Board Chair Gary Wolff presented Certificates of Appreciation to retiring Board members for their years of service. Retiring Board members include:

  • Marie Doyle
  • Professor Gary Reker
  • Paul Crookall
  • Jordan Lyall
  • Barbara McGregor

Board Thanks Retiring Chair - Gary Wolff

In-coming Board Chair Reid Morden, on behalf of the Board of Governors, offered special thanks to retiring Board Chair Gary Wolff for his many contributions.

As a Trent alumni Wolff was first appointed to the Board in 1991, was re-appointed three times and served as Board Chair for the last three years.

"Gary has been a driving force in almost every Board activity in the last 11 years," said Morden. "During his leadership, the Board balanced the budget, adopted a plan to manage the cumulative deficit and approved and implemented a new capital development strategy. He also guided the Board through a judicial review process that the Board won, and provided leadership to the Board as it approved two major new facilities for the Symons campus."

Wolff said that looking back he "was glad he took on the job of Board Chair" and went on to thank his employer McCarthy Tetrault, the university Secretariat, past Board Chairs, President Bonnie Patterson and most importantly - his family.

New Board Members

The Board welcomed Dan Coholan, Pat Southern and Peter Brieger as new external Board members present at the meeting. Approval was given to the election of Professor Michael Peterman as a Faculty member of the Board. Other new members on the Board include John Casserly (staff), Kimberly Fielding (student) and John Bernard (external).

Upcoming Meetings

  • Board of Governors Meeting - Friday, September 27, 1 pm

Canada Day - Special Note

Trent University will be closed for this Statutory Holiday.


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